Any ideas of what to do during the summer holiday/vacation?

Hi, I'm 17 years old (not 18 by the time of the holiday). This time our holiday will be really long (about 3 or 4 months :o ), and I don't really know what to do.
We've tried setting up a getaway with a few friends, but that hasn't been working out well, so I basically can't go on holiday with friends.

Do any of you have some ideas of things I could do?
Like, travelling on my own, working at a place, learning a new skill?
I would like to use the holiday very well. Preferable something sporty, social and/or learning a new skill.


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  • Go read Homestuck and try to volunteer somewhere.

    • Have you volunteered anywhere before?

    • Yep. I volunteered for my brothers Boy Scout group for a few years, helped coach soccer, and helped my school districts music departments.

  • Maybe try learning a new language. Or pick a cheap instrument to learn. You can also take martial arts or drawing classes.

    • Sounds like good ideas, are those some things you did?

      Btw: ik kom ook uit nederland lol

    • OK. Since this is an English site, it's probably best to continue in English lol

      Anyway, I'm currently trying to learn two new languages. And I have an ocarina sitting in my cupboard, which I have yet to use. So I already have some plans for the summer.

    • Ah nice good luck learning those and playing the ocarina

  • You can go to the beach, for example Bali Island. But if you want to have low budget holiday with amazing experiments, play with your friends outside.

    • Bali island looks really beautiful, but it's so far away xD
      I live in Europe

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    • Oh, actually I have another idea: Write a book and send it to the publisher.

    • lol yeah ahhaha then it would be useful xD
      Thanks! I wish you a great holiday aswell :)

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