Do you or would you ever invest in stocks, IRAs,401Ks, or any other investment commodities?

I want to invest in a 401K when the time comes in the next two months. How much should I put in to start with? Do you invest or would you invest if you had the chance?

  • Yes I invest
  • No, but I want to
  • No, and I don't want to
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  • i think that's a very bad idea. Let me ask you this. Can you name one person who has ever become rich off of a 401k or IRA? Probably not. Why? Because these investment vehicles weren't made to make you rich. They were made to make the banks and wall street rich off the fees they charge you in these investment vehicles. There was a study done some time ago which showed that 80% of investment managers can't outperform the index (like the s&p500). So basically, you would be better off just opening an online brokerage account and buying shares of the s&p500. That way, you get better performance, without the fees.

    Beyond that though, i wouldn't invest in stocks period right now, at least not for the long term. In my view, stock markets across the whole western world are over valued, and the USA is no exception. The P/E ratios on stocks are at historic highs, and now that the federal reserve is increasing interest rates... the stock market is at an even greater risk of a severe crash/correction. If i were to invest in anything for the long term today, it would be in commodities... things like gold/silver, oil, wheat ETF's, etc. Anything that comes directly from the ground basically. Those are the only things i see that are undervalued and being sold at huge discounts

    • My company offers 401k and I have considered taking advantage of it

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    • No, but we can't take advantage of it till we been there 6 months

    • oh okay. Well hey, do what you think is best for you. But personally, i wouldn't put a single dollar into a 401k/IRA

  • As much as you can afford to lose but not too much. The most important read all the print. If you don't understand it ask a trusted person

    • Is it ok if I put like 100 in then like twenty in every pay period

    • Like I said it's dependent on if you can afford to lose it. If you have spare cash, then it's less of a problem. If howevever 100$ is a lot to lose then no.

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