Was my response quite "cold"?

I replied ot my ex GF's message with "I don't really have any advice other than take care and have fun".

Does that sound cold?


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  • I'd interpret your message as giving her a lot of freedom to enjoy her time. She probably wanted to hear some BS that you would be miserable and would likely not survive without her.

    • So my reply was good?

      I could've given her more advice because I know the place really well, but I didn't want to.

    • I think what you said was entirely appropriate.

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  • Depends on what the relationship was like. If it was a long, deep relationship, that's not a lot to say.
    Also, was this by text or verbal?

    • It was a reply to her message.

      We were in a relationship for slightly under a year, but it was quite serious.

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