What can I do to get out of this headspace?

Yesterday as i was doing what my so called husband wants me to do " housewife duties" i laughed at myself like is he serious he's the one doing wrong n here i am doing laundry cleaning the house scrubbing down the bathroom making dinner (im also doing it so he doesn't. Come home n bitch at my kids 4 not doing anything) anyways im like this guy was suppose to b back early so i can get things done n he came home round 6. Either way i dont question him since finding out about his cheating again. N honestly i dont care anymore just cuz id rather not ask so i dont have to be lied to!! Well i sat there mad at myself like I've been doing the wife thing n it took me a long time to get moving but these last few months I've over achieved n still he lied n was talking to his ex... n i thought do i really want to do this with my life? Be a housewife? Do his dirty laundry? Cook him dinner? Well if my kids werent here dinner wouldn't b served! Its all a mind game n to me im to a point that I've started to not give a f.. So today i cleaned up mine n my kids messes n left his... if this is the way ur heart feels if ur a housewife no thanks..


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  • You left out the part about why you stay with him.


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  • Just relax it'll be ok


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