What does my dream mean?

So I usually don't believe in this stuff, but I'm kinda suspicious now...

A couple nights ago I had a dream. In my dream, I was in an empty parking lot and it was dark and they clouds were very heavy and it was cold and I looked up and saw that one of the clouds was moving towards me. The cloud was a huge swarm of wasps and it engulfed me, I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in a field of grass and it was bright and beautiful and the wasps had turned to butterflies. I looked around and realized that my boyfriend was also in the field and we were both naked, but it wasn't sexual. There was also an old woman in the field, she walked over and said "I'm meeting with god now, you have to take care of him" I looked at my boyfriend, but I don't think he saw her. I said "of course, I live him" and I woke up. Then today my boyfriend told me that his grandma had died a few days ago...
I asked my aunt (who is pagan) and she said that it was likely that his grandma had come to me in the dream...
What do you think?

And the dream was so vivid... I had never had a dream like that before.


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  • I would say that she wants you to take care of your boyfriend.
    The Nudity symbolizes innocence

    • It does seem like you just had a paranormal experience.
      I've had two of those so far.

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    • It should, you literally talked with a deceased person.

    • If you want to read more on folklore and ghost expriences look up the Weird U. S series

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  • Probably nothing, but it might mean you and your boyfriend should stay together, but props for somehow seeing your boyfriend naked without it being sexual, that couldn't happen to me

  • His grandmother appear in your dream to give u a message

  • it don't mean a thing :|

    • But I saw his grandma (whom I had never seen before) on the same night that she died.

    • dreams don't mean anything. i used to lucid dream and still remember, but don't have much control in them, and they don't mean anything in terms of significance or "signs", but it can (very rarely) say something about your subconscious, but even that's typically all over the place and almost never accurate

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