Guys and girls, how much money it takes in usd monthly to maintain an average life in your countries?

you have a car under 8000usd, a motorbike of 1600usd, 3 or 4 members in your house. exclude the medical and educational expences. I've heard that in Britain it will cost about 1000-1500usd.
in my place, it will take only 150-200usd for living a free, happy life.


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  • Depends where you live.. I live in los Angeles.. I'm a nurse I make $32 x hour I pay $1895 for a 2 bed room apartment about $300 in food $150 in gasoline about $300 in water, electricity, And gas and $450 in childcare do the math not enough 😠😠😠😠and this is just for the basic I'm not including dinner out, clothes, etc... f*ck my life

    • oh... big cities, bigger expenses. our waterbill rarely exceed 1usd πŸ˜› electricity bill below 5usd.
      for a 4 bhk house the rent will be 150usd app. here a nurse earn 400usd per month for 6hr job, 23 days a month. that's why they're coming to your place yo work. so that they can live here like Queens after they retire πŸ˜† you should be happy because most of our people dream to visit your place, work there and live there. here it's all boring. you can live a calm and cool life and die like a zombie. but in your place, you can have a blast and make your life worth lived. we're like jealous of your life 😊

    • cooking gas is 6usd for 15kgs and it will last for about 40 days. medicines and consultations are free in govt hospitals. we own a house and tax is 1usd for 8 yearsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it's mediocre. our place has not the spirit like your place. a lot of tourists from your place come to kovalam, thiruvanantapuram city of Kerala city during the winter , stay for one or two months and then return. because with the electricity bill and ice removing money you spend there, you can live here for a month and enjoy the moderate climateπŸ˜‚

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