Will you help this disabled vet find a home?

This man fought hard for his country and sacrificed for all of us. He needs less than $2k to get himself a home. I've already chipped in $10. Can you at least chip in $5?


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  • So you're into this stuff? I ain't got much but I can match that $10. To be honest I don't even know why I'm still awake (around 3am)


    Yeah, I'll leave this for later, I will get round to it though. The only thing is. . . I never used go fund me before

    • Done and dusted, see the anon there? Also I know I ain't American but. . . I think I'm a American patriot now

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    • Oh no that's what started this whole thing. A month ago this fundraiser for the vet only had like $4k while Kanye West's get out of debt thing had $7k raised so it spread like wildfire online and a lot of people donated. Still not enough to reach the goal but I know it will get there

    • Wait what? People actually gave money to Kanye. . . I don't even. . .


      All I know is that Hitler wouldn't be happy about that

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  • Nope