Is my train of thought silly on this matter?

I feel like I'm too pretty to be working long hours at a job that makes me good money, Or even studying too much (studying somewhat is important and necessary, as long as it's not overdone).

I don't want to spend the years where I'll be looking the best in my life being unhappy.

Now this is of course an issue because if I wasn't beautiful I'd have nothing to lose and be perfectly normal studying some uninteresting lucrative field of study/work.

I remember visiting a top firm for 'x' industry (can't say as I'm anonymous) because my grades were good. I felt so unhappy going there. Locked up in an office for most of my life, it felt so painful.


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  • Well, you don't really have to study or work long hours, there are jobs that are specifically designed for girls that are attractive, and don't want to put much effort. They're called "stripper" and "pornstar".
    You can spend those years when you look better, displaying your body to the world, and you don't have to worry about studying, or working long hours.
    I think you'd fit better there, than sitting in an office wasting your looks :)


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  • Why do I feel like @aledeeurope would have a field day with this question?

    That's an opinion I would like to read.

    My opinion? You sound like a lazy sack of shit.

    • Actually as I pointed out my grades were good. And I'm actually quite smart in real life too.

      But I hate studying. It mentally exhausts me. I don't want to spend my whole life being unhappy.

      Now if I was doing something interesting, like marketing I'd actually like the long hours etc. but it doesn't really give you the same respect as being something like a lawyer

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    • You do get to choose your hours in those respectable careers... as soon as you earned your way.

      Just because you have a degree doesn't guarantee a law firm that you're going to be a top dog lawyer. Why should they give you the benefit of luxury before you prove whether or not you're an asset to them?

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  • Self entitled princess huh? Someday you'll learn the world won't always fall at their knees for you. Hope on that day you'll wake up and see that

    • Not really. I went to business school despite my father saying I didn't ever need to work hard and I could study something easy like Arts.

      When I got there (I'm almost done) I started to realize as I got older that a lot of these careers are not at all interesting... it's for the money that people pursue them. Or the status.

      And that started to affect the way that I viewed a lot of different things to the extent that I'm just very confused now

    • You do sound self entitled. I mean just re read this stuff you're posting 'im too pretty to work long hours at a job' well tough shit. Go to work like everyone else does. Or go into porn or something.

  • Use your beauty to elevate your position in your job. What else are you going to do? Pretty is only an advantage not a guaranteed meal ticket.

    • I'm already rich in real life. Plus it's not that I don't want to work hard at ALL (I mentioned my grades were good). It's just where do I stop?

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    • That's the thing I want to enjoy life when I'm young and beautiful not when I'm old and my looks may fade away.

      Some people that I'm most certainly smarter than are doing things like becoming accountants because they come from mid-income families. It's confusing for me because while I don't find it interesting and it pains me to have to study, I am naturally smarter and it feels odd watching people who are not as smart getting into those careers.

      But then it goes back to my point about why would you aspire to be miserable? I was born lucky so why screw myself over by purposely running after something just to prove a point

    • You can still enjoy life while working, you just have to work less and take more time off. You're lucky as you say, and therefore you should be able to find a better balance than most people. Work doesn't just give you money, it builds character too. Also unless your family is rolling in 7 figures you can't really live that "rich kid of instagram" lifestyle.

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