What are some interesting facts about you?

List some interesting facts about yourself. Here are mine.

* I've never seen an animated movie in the theaters

* I never had cable growing up so I missed out on all the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows as a kid

* Never had any friend in my 6th and 7th grade of middle school (Buffalo, NY is very racist)

* I've been away from US since late 2006, which is almost 10 years. I was in India for almost 5 years cause I studied there from 07-11 but after that moved to East Asia to change course cause I lost interest. Parents sent me to India to study cause they thought I wasn't being too serious in US and wanted me to experience adult life in India. I do go to US most of the summer breaks and some winter breaks

* Never kissed a girl (I've mentioned this a lot already here but yeah)

* My mom got 2 arranged marriage offers for me, including one girl who was 8 or 9 out of 10 looks wise but I said no to both cause I'd never do arranged

* I've had a guy pull out a gun on me while driving past midnight in Detroit because I honked at him continuously for walking slow in the middle of the road

* Never been in a fight. Bullied and pushed around a lot during 6th and 7th grade in Buffalo, NY middle school though for being an "immigrant", "Iraqi", and "Saddam". Being fat didn't help either.

* Never driven a car since 2010. I totaled my 95 Acura Integra on my way to friend's house to watch Lakers Celtics finals. I'll be back to US in few months after studies and my mom will give me her 08 BMW X3 to drive. I'll be driving after 6 long years and will finally be in US long term after 10 long years

Forgot to add that I'm flat footed


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  • Well I'm not particularly interesting haha but here goes.

    I moved around a lot growing up. As of now, I've lived in 4 different states and 6 different cities. I also changed schools quite a bit, and from grades 1-12 I attended 9 different schools.

    I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine, so if I have too much (like even a can of Mountain Dew or a regular cup of coffee) I get jittery and sick to my stomach. I love coffee, but I stick to decaf.

    I almost never stop smiling. I've been told I have the exact opposite of "resting bitch face."

    I have only been physically intimate with one guy - who I'm still with. My goal is to only have sex with one guy my entire life (so I didn't lose my virginity until I felt sure I was gonna marry this guy).

    I hate horror movies and violence, but am obsessed with The Walking Dead.

    I have such a bad gag reflex that I need to be IV sedated anytime I need dental work (yet I can give head just fine.. logic lol).

    I have never, to this day, had a migraine. *knock on wood


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  • - I've never eaten a pie and pancake.
    - Never kissed a girl nor held hands of a girl except few accidental touches.
    - Don't know how to drive a car but good at motorbikes.
    - I've an amazing expression-less face.
    - I like pink.
    - I've fast reflexes and I'm annoyingly sensitive to surroundings.
    - I eat watermelon its skin. However, only when its tasty. So I take a bite with skin from a slice to decide.
    - If a door is half open then I never open it fully. Tables, chairs or anything in way, I don't move it unless it's blocking 100% of way. Result = Frequent BANG!
    - Awesome at making goat sounds 🙊

    • Why haven't you eaten a pie and pancake?

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    • you eat watermelon skin! ? only when it's tasty? how does it taste? isn't that hard to chew or something? haha!

    • @simplyadorable Lol yeah. It can be tasty. It usually tastes on little bitter side with hint of saltiness which I like. Sometimes its tasteless. In rare occasions it's very bitter. I eat it only when it's kinda salty.
      It is hard to chew and digest and may cause stomach ache but I can eat it easily. No one eats it actually. They look at me with wide open eyes "What's wrong with this guy?" 😂
      I just need to cut a slice and if I like it fully then I will eat it 100% without leaving even a seed out xD

      Try a bite... it won't hurt ;)

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  • I have pet snails
    I'm a budding freelance photographer
    I'm a future software engineer
    I used to want to move to Canada because it's colder there but I recently learned to love NYC
    I burned tea before (i didn't have hot water to I tried to boil the teabag in a small pot and the paper caught on fire)
    I've never been in a relationship before
    All the guys I've ever been interested in end up dating someone else
    I've only been interested in 2 guys before
    I've asked out one guy before but we never went out (he rejected me eventually but now I don't care)
    I don't get along with my dad because we both have similar personalities

  • Hmm let's see... a few fun facts about me would be:

    *I have Irish, German, Dutch, French, American, Hungarian, Luxembourgish & Korean in my family.

    * I speak 7 languages (Luxembourgish, English, German, French, Latin, Japanese & Dutch)

    * I wanted to be a volcanologist when I was 9 so I spent my days reading books about volcanos, then I wanted to be an astrophysicist so I also read a lot of books on astrophysics.. I was a really smart kid actually.

    * I was a scene kid when I was 13-14 yo

    * I'm an atheist

    *I've never had a boyfriend. Lol this one's just sad :P

    • Wow. 7 languages is very impressive. Never had a boyfriend? Don't worry. You're stunning and only 20 so you have a lot of time. At least you're not like me. Almost 30 without ever dating or having a girlfriend lol.

    • Volcanologist - Trying saying that after 10 beers

  • Anime! <3
    I want be a Queen!
    I sing to my music!
    I talk to my bird!
    I think my bird is my lover in recrination!
    I have terrible spelling!
    I love make-up!
    I am in love with myself!
    I pretty strong mentally!

  • Interesting facts about me:
    -I almost died before I was born, almost died the day I was born, almost died when I was seven but I came through and made it out alive.
    -I am from the Caribbean.
    -I wasn't allowed to have Heelys as a kid because my mom told me I was too 'clumsy' because I got stitches in my knee just ONE TIME (okay I almost got another set of stitches lmao).
    -I had an hernia operation when I was three. I still have an hernia up to this day (another one in a different location but it isn't dangerous plus it is really small and barely noticable).
    -I was born two months premature (go back to number one... that's why)
    -I used to climb random objects when I was little.
    -I had a eustachian tube problem when I was really young because I used to travel on planes a lot. (Been on a plane since I was seven months old).
    -I'm allergic to shrimp, tomatoes and peanut butter.
    -I look young for my age (thanks to my parents' genes from both sides... hehe)
    -I went to a Roman Catholic Preparatory school and a Roman Catholic High school even though I'm not even Catholic lmao.
    -I recently moved to America.
    -Currently homeschooled because of an unknown illness (*sigh*)
    -I was extremely hyperactive as a kid (I used to eat some sort of candy EVERYDAY during prep school)
    -My IQ is between 120-135 (why am I still talking? lmao)
    So yeah... these are a few things (okay a lot of things) that I usually don't tell a lot of people about

  • •I can't ride a bike
    •I could read at age 4
    •I've worn glasses since I was 5
    •I have a small scar on my lower back from falling into a radiator
    •I've been to Disney World 4 times, but never as an adult

  • i like reading poetry
    i've never broken a bone or gotten severely injured
    never have had to go to the hospital except for checkups
    i hate cool colors, both wearing them and looking at them
    i'm philosophically lazy, i start questioning why i need things because i'm too lazy to do them. ex. "what's the point of making tea, it's going to go down my throat anyways might as well drink water"

  • You have a pretty interesting list up there!

    1. I got my ears pierced for the first time only last year.
    2. I am a student of English Literature, yet I don't like Jane Austen (a personal dislike).
    3. I talk to myself whenever I am alone.
    4. I like wearing watches that look like they're meant for men and not women.
    5. I fall head over heels in love with fictional characters. Usually the ones that end up dying.
    6. I have a weakness for dark chocolate, especially the ones filled with cranberries.
    7. I repel people in general.

    • Thank you! I forgot to list that I'm flat footed though :/ And I talk to myself too when I'm alone. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Lol.

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    • Haha okay. I'm a product of arranged marriage here but I'll never do it myself.

    • hmm...
      Nor me. Love cannot be forced.

  • I pride myself on my cooking
    I visit Italy nearly every summer
    My peers in school thought my father was in the mafia because we were upper class
    I admire The Clash even though they spew left wing guff right into my earphones
    The wonder years is my favorite show

  • I can fit into size 5 shoe in the little girls section

    I've never had braces

    I don't like my pancakes/waffles and eggs to touch, it's disgusting.

    I use to gross out on ground beef by itself yet I would eat hamburgers and meatballs.

    If I wanted to, I could eat chili with anything.

  • I can ride motorcycle with the best of the guys around here.
    I have one leg that is an inch shorter then the other.
    I love to fish & hunt.
    I could go on all day but that's all you get. lol hahaha

  • Good to know ^^
    Okay as for me
    My name is sarah...
    Ok that s it, fascinating right? :p

  • I can touch my tongue to my nose lol

  • i only had 2 boyfriends
    i want to exercise but...
    im too lazy
    i love reading and writing
    im awful at math
    im ambitious

  • when i was 7 to 10 years old I would climb to the top of a 30 feet high Fir tree for fun and to retrieve a stuck frisbee. I was a pro tree climber LOL.

  • I can sing
    I can dance
    I can draw
    I'm very deep and mature in discussions
    I'm smart and very well behaved
    I'm cute;)

  • I like garlic bread

  • 1. I'm not an interesting person
    2. it's been 4 months since I've been in school
    3. my sister was born with only one ear (not interesting about me but hey close enough)
    4. I've been vegan for 2 and a half years

    • Why have you been skipping school?

    • not skipping- i have a severe anxiety disorder and I've practically been housebound. I'm on home instruction though so teachers come to me. it sucks.

  • I like chocolate chip cookies and natural talent in gymnastics blah blah and I'm autistic baha


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  • i'm awful at think of interesting factoids. If someone puts together lists, like the "40 questions you must answer!" that used to float around MySpace (damn, i just dated myself, old as fuck) i can answer those, but i'm shit at just making things.

    Buffalo does suck, though. And I'd still rather live here than any of a dozen other major US cities.

    You should have considered the arranged deal. People in those situations can fall in love. at least see if you could have hit it off with her before a flat "no."

    • Lol you're from Buffalo?

    • yes I am. living outside it now, by a stones throw. I live off Niagara Falls blvd

    • I see. I've been to smaller places before but none of them were as dull or boring as Buffalo and the Western New York area. And people were racist as hell. People say South is racist but nah. South isn't even close to being racist as Buffalo and it's surroundings in my opinion.

  • Well mostly boring stuff but here goes:
    1. Been stabbed in the head
    2. Have starved to the point of my skin being near translucent
    3. I'm adopted (mostly to do with 1 and 2)
    4. I studied folklore/mythology/occult since I was probably seven or eight
    5. Studied religion since then too
    6. Also studied science history anthropology etc soon after the others.
    7. I'm a human encyclopedia (my brother still looks dumb struck when I start throwing out facts and figures despite knowing me my entire life (31 years)
    8. Do to the child hood abuse I am on the resilient side and had issues with my self preservation instincts thus making me the designated test pilot as a child (Indoor sleding is fun, but only if the stair case doesn't have a turn at the bottom)
    9. I use to be shy when I was younger, now some would say I am to comfortable with myself.
    10. I am a massive nerd and love everything that entails

    • Why were you stabbed in the head?

    • My mothers boyfriend was a dick mostly, she was kind of a bitch too which didn't help. I was probably four when it happened (I honestly only remember blood and everything spinning). Not really sure what the reason was but considering that they are the ones who starved me and beat me I imagine it wasn't a very good reason. But hey, I have bragging rights so it all balances out. :D

  • I've been stabbed in the ass.
    I dont' like food to have contrasting temperatures (warm chips+cold salsa=yuck)
    I invented a drink called a 'Banana Jamma', it has so much booze in it no one but me can drink more than one.
    I have an insane amount of hobbies.
    I don't like American food, but adore Indian food.
    I love cartoons.

    • What the? Who stabbed you in the ass? And why? Must have hurt like a bitch.

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    • That's disgusting.

    • @suseel_sushi Nothing, my co-workers drug him away.
      It wasn't until after I had a buddy stitch me up that I considered calling the police. They said that they 'took care' of the situation, and that calling the police wouldn't be good.

  • Let's see here.
    I got kicked out of the scouts and the school I was in.
    I've been to 3/7 continents.
    I only eat meat round...3 times a month so basically vegetarian at this point.
    (insert vegetarian tells you they are vegetarian joke)
    And I love pineapples.

  • I'm really good at navigation and getting around cities. I see something once and I remember it.

    I suck at remembering people's names but not their faces.

    When I was 16, I brought a soviet union flag to my catholic high school on multicultural day.

    I'm half jewish half filipino and have an uncut penis. Both cultures are known for having circumcised boys.

    My normal speaking voice is considered yelling.

    I have a huge scar on my right arm from shattering my elbow. It had to be reconstructed.

    I'm really attracted to women with big noses.

  • I'm a legitimate gypsy.

    I'm like 6 permanent scars and a small burn on my body.

    I used to yell GET OFF THE INTERNET I'M TRYING TO USE THE PHONE but then again didn't we all? it was the 90s after all.

    I am a unique individual to say the least lol and am an acquired taste lol.

    • "I used to yell GET OFF THE INTERNET I'M TRYING TO USE THE PHONE but then again didn't we all? it was the 90s after all. "

      Haha. The dark ages of the Internet. I had to deal with that till 2005 actually. AOL served me well though.

    • Haha yeah that was interesting time.

  • I am sorry but if I wrote an interesting fact about me, I would probably be lying - I pride myself on being Mr, Average and being quite boring, I don't do excitement.

  • I'm a lacto-vegetarian, I'm a spiritual atheist, I have a pet rabbit and a parrot, I've never driven a car at all.

  • I have a championship basketball ring
    Rode my horse in a thunderstorm before
    Hiked 50 miles in five days
    Heard a wolf howl around the campfire before
    Caught a Bull Snake before
    I have a LinkedIn profile with over 1,500 connections
    I got a 104% in my Macroeconomics class

  • A dog dry humped my friend while he was drunk.
    (That doesn't tell anything about me?)
    Wait for it..

    I recorded it.

  • I like poetry
    Adore jazz music, especially Avishai Cohen is amazing i think
    When traveling i miss dutch cheese the most
    I think this is great https://youtu.be/5c-VoDFulxM
    Have been told i look him img.thesun.co.uk/.../jameswade_1640083a.jpg

    • Were you watching last night MVG V Gary Anderson 6-6 in 16 minutes and a nine darter from Adrian Lewis, some night. Still doesn't top MVG's 123 average and missing double 18 for a 136 average.

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    • I forgot to answer second question - No I don't - I was never really a local bar drinker and if my friends played anything it would usually be pool.

    • @Spiorad_Aisce hmmm that's kinda odd but well I understand it too

      Pool is also fun.

  • I'm directly related to Welsh royalty 😎


  • last month I abused (talking dirty about his mother on his face because he disrespected me) a political party's gangster who was inside for attempted murder and attacking a police station. then I hid inside my car for 7nights with a machete used for cutting coconuts in my hand , locking my mother and sister inside my house. *village life* 😎


    also, how are half of those things even possible?

  • I am big as hell

  • I went to 3rd grade in 3 different states.
    My parents divorced when I was 5, then re-married each other when I was 14.
    I enjoy tracing my family history.

  • I'm %100 water-soluble, and I like to fingerpaint

  • I can sing...

  • I have a very dark personality.

  • Nothing interesting i can think of

  • so you didn't fight back, and this is something you're proud of? cool.