How do I get rid of baby face?

People keep telling me i have a baby face, im 16 I've always been told i had a baby face or a pretty boy face.

It sucks because people think im gay,
i have a lot of my moms features like her eyes, lips, nose
everything basically. And I've been mistaken for a girl way too many times its not even funny..

it sucks because i have sideburns and people still keep saying i have a baby face
no mustache

and im just tired of being looked at as "cute"
i wanna be handsome. i want people to look at me like im a man and not say "aw"


Most Helpful Girl

  • No! Baby faces are adorable! Your are okay! Your lucky to have one!!!

    • people dont treat me as if im my age they look at me like im a baby
      it would be ok to have a baby face when i get old so i still look young
      but right now i want to look a bit older

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    • really?

    • Are you kidding! Yes its attractive!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Scars of any kind like from fighting or get some from acne. You could stop washing your face as often too

    • I've always washed my face but what would that change

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    • I didn't wash it this morning but I did when I got home it's a habbit

    • aye do what ya gotta do

What Girls Said 5

  • Well you can't change your face, but you can maybe get a more masculine look by working out and/or getting a new haircut.

    The good thing about your baby face is you'll look younger when you're old :)

    • thats the only bright side
      my mom still has her baby face but no one really says anything about her just me

  • I like gay face!

  • Lol wth almost everybody still has a baby face at 16.. Post this again when you're 24.

    • Not everyone
      Some people in my class look grown like actual adults

  • You will get rid of it eventually.. Anyways, having a baby face is not bad at all. A lot of guys with baby face are attractive.

    • people say that a lot but i want to look like my dad
      he gets treated like a man

      im 16 and still get treated like i did in middle school

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    • my dads 38 so he's treated like a man so much
      but yeah its usually family that does that

    • Then you shouldn't worry about it that much, really... In a few years they'll notice that you're not their little baby anymore :)

  • you're luck i want it too I'm only 18 but I look like 22

    • How did you get rid of it

    • I loose a tons of weight, I'm underweight now so I don't have my big cheek anymore.

What Guys Said 1

  • You grow a beard. Its the only way.
    I'm 38 and still have this problem.
    Also, it takes more than a baby face to make people think you're gay.

    • people say i look gay everytime i put a picture on facebook
      and how long until i grow a beard?
      all i have now is sideburns that barely pass my ears

    • Its different for everyone mate. Just know that you'll grow out of it.

    • ok thank you