Have you any of guys experienced a quarter life crisis?

Yesterday I saw how happy my best friend was talking to her girlfriend and it made me even happy to see how happy she was. But then I had a moment of weakness thinking to myself why haven't I dated in 6 years now. I'm about to turn 26 this week and I haven't been on a date since I was 20. I started to think about how pathetic my love life has been. I started to realize that it's take me 7 years to get my associates degree in music and to only change my major to get my bachelor's degree which will take me another 3 years. (I've got another year and a half to go by the way before I finish.) I started to realize how pathetic I've become in general. For years I've felt like I've always been in the shadows of all my friends feeling I've never been awesome or the charming one. Yesterday was the first time that I really broke down and felt really vulnerable. I even thought about dropping out of the university because i felt like maybe I might see a change for the better since school hasn't really done anything for me other than to waste my years questioning myself. I hate having to live off of my parents money since I have to budget 1200 a month amongst bills and rent. I'm usually left with 400-500 and I have to budget that amongst groceries and gas. It sucks because i can't even afford anything on my own. Have any of you felt this way about yourself or in some way similar? I just needed to vent. I'm even thinking of venting to my best friend this week


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  • I am experiencing it because I am almost thirty. I have huge anxiety that no one understands.
    People older than me think it's a joke.
    I keep calling myself old and getting looked at like I'm crazy.

    • I want to have babies today and kick start my career.
      It's something about the late twenties almost thirty that's a wake up call.

    • True that. I could imagine what you're going through especially if you're really anxious. I hate it when people think it's something that it isn't serious. It's probably because they can't relate to it

    • I noticed that the more I think about these problems, the more stressed out I feel. I guess not emphasizing so much on ourselves where we're at is a good thing.

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  • at times i felt bad not having enough money

    but no, never had a quarter life crisis
    wish i did though

    • Maybe you've had a straight road for yourself to where you haven't really been confused or lost.

    • mostly, yeah
      but lately i've been questioning a lot my decisions
      so you could say i'm going through a 1/3 life crisis, haha
      just wished it came earlier so i could achieve more of what i wanted right now

    • Lol well, better it happened now than when you're near your forties. I know a few people that completely changed their lives in their forties because they were confused or not happy

  • The entire quarter of my life has been a crisis.

    • Still trying to figure yourself out?

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  • At least have you have had a relationship before

    • So you haven't tried to meet someone?

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    • Well, yes that's true but there's not much we can don't change that. If you're too nervous to approach someone you like, try breaking the ice by pretending you need help with something or asking directions. Something like to get the conversation started. I used to real shy and would wait for the women to approach me but then I finally realized that wasn't going to happen. Just don't think about it too much because you'll psych yourself out. Just talk to them and don't worry about asking them out. If you have connection, then get their information

    • Ya women are passive bitches