Christians, do you ever feel like you're meant to guide others?

i dont just mean tell others whats right and wrong, or try to convert others, i mean help them make better choices and be more religious (ones again, im not talking about those who dont even want to hear about God, im talking about those who actually would like some help). sometimes i feel as though im meant to lead others because often times my advice or just my shared thoughts, make people change some things about themselves. but the reason im questioning myself so much is because im nowhere near a perfect christian. i just dont understand why God would give me such a great responsibility when i myself am still lost. i mean lately i've been making much better decisions and really have been trying to get closer to him, but i still feel like im just not worthy of that. like i told my friend who was depressed that she should maybe start going to church again and surrounding herself with more positive people, now she's at church every Sunday and reading the bible every day. she's happier and has a better mindset now. im very glad to have contributed to her happiness, but i still feel like only really religious people should have that privilege. but whats your opinions?


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  • I used to feel that way. But people nowadays shoot down Christianity as soon as you bring it up. I do however try and better my community and my friends by sharing my insights and using teachings from the bible without telling them its from the bible.

    Isiah 50:4-5
    The Lord GOD has given me
    a well-trained tongue,
    That I might know how to answer the weary
    a word that will waken them.
    Morning after morning
    he wakens my ear to hear as disciples do;
    The Lord GOD opened my ear;
    I did not refuse,
    did not turn away.

    • yeah that is so true. when i was younger, i would literally tell people to just go to church. thats it, i wouldn't tell them why and how it'll benefit them so they never listened but now i just give them advice without telling them where i got it from too and they are genuinely interested and when they get to know me better and find out where all my positivity is from, they actually do want to go and feel better after going.

    • Exactly, Christianity has been demonized it seems
      We must be patient with other people.

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  • You don't have to be perfect. No one is. Jesus picked 12 men to follow him and not one of them was perfect either. Far from it. You don't need special privileges to encourage people. God will use anyone He sees fit. I say pray about it and go for it.


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  • Of course your not worthy, but Jesus was, that is why he was the sacrifice for your sins in past, present, and future. Now enough of that, I think a true Christian leads by example. There actions speck louder. I have meet many self proclaimed Christians. At this point I'm not a Christian, I'm me.

  • God has nothing to do with it. It's yourself and all of the doubters out there that push you to do something big in your lifetime. God is just a myth, but your confidence and your ego are not. Also great leader can be non religious also. I do not think religious people are leaders, just followers.

    • i am obviously christian so you can't just come at me with this "God is just a myth" nonsense and expect me to be like "oh okay! thank you for finally telling me the truth!! i finally know!" really now. just like your opinion, my opinion (and faith) isn't going anywhere. i know that non religious people can be leaders as well, but im asking about the type of leader that leads others to God. and yeah we follow God of course, but we aren't followers as people in general. i've never been a follower of anyone or anything other then God.

    • but i dont expect you to understand what i mean, this is why i clearly aimed this question at christians. im not about to sit here arguing about faith when i just want to get opinions from other christians

  • Yes. I actually think God has been giving me signs that I'm meant for something *big*.

  • That sounds rather narcissistic. You assume you know what's best for everyone else.

    • did you not read the whole thing? or just assumed that my title which started with "Christians," meant "atheists are welcome too. i really want to argue about religion"? i clearly said that i feel as though im not worthy of such a great honor. God gives everyone some kind of gift. some are born to be leaders (and like i said, i dont go around trying to convert everyone, i just try to help those who want my help and ask for my advice) and by leader i dont mean some kind of world leader who's better then everyone, i mean a leader that leads others to God.

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    • You don't have to look up the facts to know that other people use this site and will answer.

    • ok well there is clearly no point in answering unless your Christian. that was the most pointless thing you did all day.

  • 'Guide'? Really? That's the ideology of a colonist.
    Your think about 'guiding' us while your guide is a dusty old book. No thanks, mate.
    And what the hell do you even mean by 'guiding'?

    • hello anonymous atheist who thinks that "Christians," is a synonym for "hey atheists! i want to argue about religion!" i am not here to argue or try to convert anyone. if someone doesn't want my help, im not going to push my advice on anyone. and i would say a lot about this "dusty old book" but like i said, im not here to argue.

    • Good thing. Bye.

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