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Okay so during 6th period..(in Art) I asked Josh & his partner (who sit behind me) about the warm up... & outta no where Josh gives his partner (dunno his name les call em Asian guy. ) Josh gives Asian guy a coin wrapper with $5 in DIMES! & i looked at josh & said "What the heck? Are those dimes?" & josh looked at me & said "Yeah, i had to pay him back.. " & Asian guy says "What the heck am i gonna do with this? " & josh was like "You told me to pay you back so i did.." & i looked at him & said "I'd have the same reaction as him actually..(Asian guy) " & josh said to the guy "Go buy your shit at the dollar tree" & i laughed & he said "Okay, Ashlea... Would you be okay with me telling you that i was going to pay you back with $5?" & i said "Yeah.. But if its in dimes.. I'd look at you like 'you've gotta be kidding me' " & he laughed.. &Asian dude was like "Remind me never to ask for money from you again, because thats sad... Here.. Take your dimes back, next time bring me an actual paper bill.." & josh was like "Imagine if you walk up to the cashier & he's like "That'll be $5 " & you just roll the coin wrapper to him.. & he gives you that 'wtf' look... "


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  • Not really, I have a ton of coins that I pay with just helps get rid of change and make it useful.

  • He could just go to walmart and put the coins in that machine that takes change and gives you bills.

    • but that takes 10% of your money or some other percentage.

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