Doesn't this video inspire you to vote for Trump?

I used to be a far-left bernie supporting socialist, until I saw this video. I suggest you join the reasonable side and Make America Great Again!

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  • WTF did I just watch!

  • The fuck is that? I got to two seconds - not watching the rest of it lol.

    But no, I'm still feelin' the Bern. We need someone who genuinely cares about people and will work to get rid of corruption in government and Wall Street. Someone with strong moral principles, who's trustworthy, and has good policies. I think that person's Bernie. He's been fighting for working, middle class people for decades and has such a consistent record.

    Not interested in Trump, a guy who instead spent decades actively participating and fueling the corruption, which he proudly admits to, who's been all over the map on the issues, and who caters to fear-mongering.

    • If you watch the full video I guarantee your views will shift.

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  • Honestly, I'm not sure it was a good idea for that guy to put this video out there. It's funny... but if he ever wants to apply for a job again and his potential employer does a social media check... yikes.

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