Anyone got tips?

So I am a shy guy of 16 and I always have got problems talking to people, I just don't know where I can talk about. Does anyone got tips for me to improve it?


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  • I was much like you at that age. Probably even more shy. What started it for me was that I found out I had a talent for hiphop dancing.

    I started getting friends from that scene. And because you share a passion you can easily talk to them. And eventually you learn to talk about other as well. As a result of talking more and discovering a talent I became more confident about myself and thus made it more easy to talk to anybody.

    However... and this is the most important part... I learned that I was a good speaker ever since I was born. I was just too shy to speak up, afraid that other people might make fun of me. So in the process you might learn some unexpected nice things about yourself.


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  • As much as I HATE it, there's always the usual small talk. School, work, family stuff, "how'd your weekend go?" Stuff like that can always lead to better and deeper conversations.

  • Have an interest in topics that people around u discuss. For example politics, medicine, sport, fathion etc.. Basically build ur own view on major things of life then specialize.

    Question is how does one do it? well first tool can be books second videos or whatsoever.