What are your favorite villains in Star Trek?

Which one of these Alien races from Star Trek are your favorite villains?

  • Romulans
  • Klingons
  • Cardassians
  • Ferengis
  • The Borg
  • Dominion
  • Species 8472
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  • Love the dominion. They have a purpose. They are evil, yes, but you want to know more about them. They were a solid opponent, and one that you could, on some levels, sympathize with.

    Romulans were cool, in their own way. While their government/military was expansionist and antagonistic, their actual people were cool, and stories that went into their culture intrigued me.
    The same with Cardassians, actually. Very different culture, but also really interesting. Fleshed out and well thought.

    The borg were boring. Powerful, mindless. They're the zombies of star trek. they'll come for you and eat your brain in an endless hoard. Until Voyager completely neutered them.

    Kilingons are dirty (like, actually grimy and unhygienic) and their entire culture is "we hit shit! HONOR!" They're boring, overhyped, and in all honesty? They would never have developed far enough to figure out warp drive. they place no emphasis on intellect, and all on martial prowess. They would rather hit each other than build a ship.

    ferangi aren't villians, they're just dumb. I've always had a soft spot for them (after DS9, not in Next Gen) but i could never take them serious as a villain.

    Species 8472 was just a typical Voyager shitfest. I hated that show, I don't think I can say I liked a single crew member, and this species was something that shouldn't have even been an antagonist. Their only enemy was the borg, and so Janeway helped the borg fight back? That alone should have made her the first recipient of capital punishment in the Federation in centuries when they made it back!

    • Agreed, Janeway made a very stupid mistake... but even Picard had a chance to destroy the Borg, with a certain computer virus... if you remember that episode? It was about the Borg drone named Hugh (Third of Five).

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    • That's a prevailing theory, but not the only one, which, considering the secretive nature of the Breen, is what makes them so interesting.

    • Indeed, maybe they are from some other Galaxy, such theories are common for Tholians too.

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  • I always liked the Klingons :)


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  • Romulans, i love sneaky warfare.

    The Borg were amazing before the writers decided a single Intrepid class ship could hold out against Cubes.

    • Lol, right, what's next, they'll probably make a shuttle capable to fight off the Borg cube :P

  • Ferengis are the funniest, that's why I voted for them

  • I picked kardahians

  • I'm going to go with the Borg on this one. In fact, I think they're the worst enemy anyone can face.

    • Really? But what about Species 8472, or Aliens and Predators? Or Daleks from Doctor Who? There are lots of other much worse enemies...


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