Is something wrong with me or am I going through a phase?

Like I heard people around 20yrs old tend to get depressed, but I'm worried that something may be wrong with me? For one, I'm not good with connecting with people. I feel like I don't know how to keep a conversation going, and I feel sad that I've never trully had real feelings for any guy. On top of my lack of social skills, I feel like I've been having these mood swings lately. and it's not too much but when I do have them, I get happy and then depressed over and over again like a switch. And I also tend to get depressed a lot lately. I feel like lonleliness may be the reason why but sometimes, even when I'm not on my period, I get depressed for no reason. I feel like out of all the issues I've faced, depression has been the worst one. Like I'm always fighting with this because I feel like that's the only option I have after one day when I allowed depression to make me do something I feel really ashamed of. And some days I wake up and I'm happy, but on the days when it's at its worst, I get really afraid.


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  • I know you are a different generation, and there are all these Politically Correct terms, and things, but my dad taught me well, early on, and it worked.\
    When I was 16, and finished school that year, he came into my room one morning and told me I had a job, and I needed to get up, and get there by 7am!!
    I thought the summer was my own? Not!!
    He told me he got me the job, and everyone knew I was his son, and if I fcked up, he would look bad, so DON'T FCK UP!!!
    THe 'Old School'!!
    I got up and worked hard, and saved the money, and got my first car.
    I was more afraid to do something wrong, and shame my father, than anything!!
    That set my idea for life, for my work ethic!! He's been dead for many years now, but I still hear his voice, and I go to work, and do my best, because HE is watching me!!!
    Looking back, I needed that 'Kick in the A$$' or I would have wasted that summer just doing nothing!!!
    If I was your father, I think I would do the same as mine!!
    GET A JOB and do something!! It will help you gain some self-respect, and feel like you matter!! Even if it is just some simple 'starter' job like working at Chipotle, put the effort in, and remember that it is about the customer, and their experience!!
    When I was your age, I KNEW I was going to work about 10 years in SHT jobs, but having a good attitude helped me get along, later, and get better jobs!!
    You aren't going into the CEO position right away!! You have to 'EARN YOUR STRIPES' and that is years of work, and them trying to break you, but don't let them!!
    It takes a long time, but all those experiences, good and bad, will make you a better person!!! There is no 'short cut'!! You have to 'Do your time!!'


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  • Why don't you pop into a therapists office and see why they say one way or another and the you don't have to worry anymore.


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