My mom told me to suck it up Advice?

My mom is so fake and unsupportive when it comes to me. She is always pretending (like she wants to help, like she is proud of me, like she is so nice and kind) ans she is not! She tells people that she helps me and that she is willing to do whatever it takes to help me but then she starts yelling at me telling me that I am on my own since I am grown. Today my mom and i were supposed to be at a workshop so that we could better our relationship and understand one another it was a mother and daughter thing. I get there and wait for my mother for an hour like a complete idiot because she told me that she was on her way and i had hope for us to bond. My mom never came and I just left crying because i was the only girl in there without my mom next to me. She said that she was mad at me so she did not come. She was mad about something that happened 3 years ago wtf? I told her aboyt how i felt when she did that because she saw me crying and started laughing and told me to suck it up. I just told her that she never listens to me and that she doesn't support me and she got mad screaming "you are an adult. I do not need to give you attention. I listen to people who do not pretend to be sad and hurt like you. I just left her house I was mad and she is still acting like that Advice?


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  • Does your mother have schizofrenia?

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