Doesn't feel the way he thinks he should. Could it be his thoughts getting to him about past relationships?

Been with my boyfriend for 4 months it went really well. We hung out a lot and takes all the time. He then fell depressed about not having a job. All he would do was sit in his room and play video games or watch Netflix and not want to go out with me or our friends. It went a long time before seeing him. I finally got him out the other day and we had a really good time always laughing etc. we even had sex that night too. Then Friday night he asked to tak and said he been thinking a lot lately and doesn't feel the way he thinks he should feel and if he's feeling this he doesn't think he can go on. Like how are you suppose to feel all the time and could it be the depressed state talking since he locked himself away for so long things get to you and start thinking things? I was there for him through it all and stuck by his side most people would have left and then to go do this? We haven't officially broken up, I don't want to because I love him but I don't know why he's starting to think this. Relationships aren't al glitter and happiness everyday


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  • It's probably the depression of not doing anything. The best you could probably do is to motivate him to do something with his life. If he's unwilling to or bitter by your help, you need to leave him be and not let him drag you down too.

    • He actually got a job this past Monday. It's not permenet it's just until his summer job starts but at least it is something. I'm not sure if he is going to totally break up with me or what. We have been talking form e past 3 days. I just don't get how you can go from one thing to this, and I think that being inside for that whole time really messes you up. I gave him space during that time so maybe his feelings went south because I didn't see him I don't know. i feel like we need to go out again and see just how much were I to each other again.

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    • Well he just told me he doesn't think he will ever feel it say I love you. That's basically a shot to my heart. I really don't understand as I thought he was happy and everything. He never complained. Could it be the depression from the past month and him getting these ideas in his head. Like I want to know how you know you are never going to love someone? I have done nothing but good and he always was happy with me u till about a month ago when he fell into that depressed state. Could it be an easy escape for him.

    • It may or may not be. All you can do is go by what he said to protect your own dignity. And move on. The worst possible thing you could do is not believe his words. Time to suck it up and find a healthier place for you. Without him. Please!❤️

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