Parents, if your son or daughter committed suicide and in the note it said it was because you sent them to a psych ward would you regret it?

Specifically, if you thought that they might be suicidal which turned out to be false when they were an underachiever. But in the years since then they became an overachiever but then killed themselves and said it was because you weren't willing to risk losing the underachieving version of your child so now you lose the overachieving one.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not a parent but I would
  • Not a parent but I wouldn't
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  • I'd wish I had sent them to one sooner and for a longer period of time.

  • Keep those thoughts out of your mind. No parent wants to see their child dead.
    And not like you can find out if they do or not, because obviously..
    Go do something productive.

  • I wouldn't because at the time, I would have believed that it was the best chance to help them.

    • That locking them up and denying them their freedoms would make feel worse is common sense.

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    • Yeah, but you still be held responsible

    • Of course, because I gave them the cyanide. It's just like 007 giving his gun to Mr. White, he didn't force him to commit suicide, he simply provided the means for him to be able to.

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