Girls, Would anyone like a tarot card reading?

I've been 'reading the cards' as they say for over a year now and am getting better... but I'm not a psychic or anything like that xD I try to approach things from a logical standpoint, there may be something in it, there may not be. So I'd like to read for a few people and just see what I find or don't find haha. Tell me the area u want me to look into or ask me a question and i'll see what comes up.

You can also tell me a little bit (like not a novel though) about the situation if you like and we can try and work out together what your reading means.

Let me know if anything rings true with what I've said/we decide :)

Just don't ask me about dead people, I don't want to know what your granny is doing in heaven with elvis 'thankyou very much'.

Hope this helps, sorry about the gazzilion comments. Not the happiest of readings, would have liked to have told you a white knight would swoop in and save u but heyho. At least it looks like you'll get through things but it might just take a while longer :/ Guess that's the way things are with feelings. All the best xx
Oops, above update was actually meant as a reply to someone.


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  • you can do mine if you want to

    • Sure i'll give it a bash. Any particular area? Love? Work? Or specific questions? x

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    • Haha thanks xD I wouldn't say that, just getting better at making sense of the info maybe : good luck with it all!

    • thanks you too

  • i can't get over my ex it's been 2 years help!

    • Aww no :( Poor u, I know what that's like. I'll take a look for you. Give me 20 min. Hairs soaked, gonna dry it and then i'll see what they say x

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    • i tried to message you but it said you only allow message from your followings. anyway, thanks so much!

    • No worries. If you're the girl that just followed me then I'm following you now. aha that sounds sort of creepy haha.

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