Are you in friendzone?

Tell me one interesting thing about you?
this question for those who are in frnd zone by a girl , wake up bro and ask her this question and ask yourself..


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  • I don't think I've ever been friend zoned

  • Why is it bad to friendzone people? When a person who already is my friend confesses to like me when I don't like them back, Im not suddenly going to throw the friendship away.

    • friendzone is not bad. but when u want a guy as a lover but if he treats you as a just friend after told that you like him a lot. This is bad. Its very hard that to get out from friend zone. they never see them as a potential lover.. this is bad

      thank you for opinion

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    • My best friend? I'd date the hell out of her. She's straight and taken though.

      Good friend? My best male friends are my cousin, my former friends with benefits and a guy with a girlfriend. The cousin is a cousin. The former friends with benefits is former for a reason and he'd know why I refused him. The taken guy... I don't expect it but I'd probably try to be nice about it, saying I don't want to lose our friendship as I value it a lot.

      I actually had my best male friend in high school like me once. We 'dated' for two weeks, not telling anyone and not doing much except for going out to do things together. It was awkward. I stopped it telling him it just didn't feel right we'd been through too much together, he understood and had already noticed it. We're still friends although I don't see him much since going to school in different cities.

    • Wow.. thats a nice emotional memory like Bollywood movie but the end was like Hollywood ;P
      But thankz...

What Guys Said 1

  • Nope! I am not. As a matter of policy, I don't stay 'friends' with a woman I have feelings for. I'd rather walk out of the friendship AND her life with my head held high, rather than accepting friendship as a 'consolation' prize', and go through emotional pain on a regular basis because she won't ever see me as more than a friend.

    • damm true bro.. but its very hard to move on when we like someone a lot

      thank you for your opinion

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