Getting a tattoo in arabic, which is correct?

Its a tribute to a really good friend of mine who passed away, and FYI she was arabic.
The quote I wanted to get was "This storm will pass", seen three different translations on it.
ستمر هذه العاصفة
هذه العاصفة ستمر
Also seen this translation
Getting a tattoo in arabic, which is correct?I don't know which one is actually correct though, if its different spellings/grammar due to region then I guess I'd prefer to her region which is Saudi Arabian.


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  • ستَمُر العاصِفة


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  • I understand that your friend was Saudi Arabian, but I don't get why you're getting it Arabic. You're basically culturally appropriating the language, which is extremely oppressive and further pronounces institutionalised racism.

    • I don't give two shits about cultural appropriation... So you think if I learnt the language it would be cultural appropriation too? Come on now...

    • You're basically stealing. You're not even Saudi, so you're not allowed to write arabic on your skin... you must be very close-minded.

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  • i'd go with the second one. it sounds closest to what you want.
    that last one doesn't even sound close.