Taking a year off of Commumity College?

So I had failed my first year of community college. While this is bad, I know that I can redeem myself. So I plan to come up with ways to not do this or go through this ever again. I know that I have it in me to succeed, but there are things that just have been affecting me before. I am starting to block out personal things lately. I feel as if I should take off a year, so I can get other aspects of my life taken care of. Then come back, and try harder than ever before. I know some people don't go back, and etc. But I on the other hand plan on doing so, so I can have a bright future. I am learning from my mistakes, and take full responsibility for my actions. Would this be a smart decision?

Thank you for sharing, and your honesty. I highly appreciate it.


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  • Yes, that's an option. Your head should be in the right place when you go to school. Very often people go to college when they just aren't ready for it. That's the main reason why the dropout rate is so high (more than 50% at some schools / programs).

    I think for a lot of people, maybe most, it's better to wait before going to college. Older students tend to have a much better idea why they are there, why they are taking their particular major, and their overall direction in life. I've heard this from college professors a LOT. They also say that students who pay their own way do much better.

    Another option you might consider is taking part time classes in the evening.

    I don't know if it's the "right" thing for you to do. But it's certainly a legitimate option.


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  • You are a very snart girl and yes that is the best decision.

    I failed my first yr of community college as well, not because I was dull but because I wasn't settled, I was still in the highschool phase and was not too serious. I decided to apply back the next yr, (thankfully my principal cut all my costs in half) and I did exceptionally well. I made to second yr and graduated with my diploma. I am not working on getting an associate degree. Everyone doesn't travel at the same speed, some start sooner and some later.


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  • how do you know you'll be as motivated a year from now as you are now?

    you'll prolly end up graduating and wish u didn't' take the year off. waste of time if u ask me

    • Thanks for your response, but with all due respect, that is not even an option for me. I know that I will still be motivated, because I see others in my family and out, not doing so well because of not going to college or finishing what they had started. In some cases, college may not be the answer, but in mine it will be. I plan and always do finish what I start.

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    • i wasn't questioning your character.. blah blah just summarizes all the questions of what you'll be doing that'd benefit you more than college, and that's a lot of questions.

      how did you fail the first year? couldn't study effectively?

    • My apologies. I had noticed what you had written, and understood the context. I should not have said what I had said. Your answers so far, have been great, and I highly apreciate what you have been saying. But I guess you could say that was part of the reason. But it was more on me allowing personal things to get mangled into my academics. Which I know was just stupid of me to do. But I am trying to get it together as we speak.

  • what are you going to community college for? Not every degree is created equal.

    • Well I am going for an associates in psychology as of the moment, only because it was a cheaper option. Then after I receive the associates, I plan on continuing my education.

    • tbh im not super enthused about psychology as a career option. It might be interesting, but the amount of debt one needs to go into to study it compared to what the expected salary is just doesn't make it worth it in my opinion

    • I can respect that. Thanks for your opinion.

  • Yeah take a break.


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  • i'm on the same boat, 2nd semester in uni and I'm doing terribly. Sometimes taking a break is best, I say go for it. Good luck and hope you get back on track :)

    • Thank you, and same to you as well.

  • Just take 2 online class! I know!

    • I considered this, but every time I bring it up, I am ignored. Plus online classes would cost me more out of pocket, than going.

    • Try it I did really well!