How am I supposed to react to my friend wanting me to go to prom with her?

So today I had this conversation over Skype with a friend of mine. Link below

She and I have been pretty close recently, and admittedly it does seem like she may be interested in me, but I don't really know. Last Friday we hung out for 16 hours straight (She was the one to start these plans), a bunch of which was just the two of us, so I do think our friendship has really deepened. I don't know if she feels differently about me, but the whole just friends thing has seemed a bit odd considering her near constant physical touch in class.

Typing this does make it sound a lot like she has a thing for me, but in the past I've realized that she's just super friendly towards me, but I don't really know this time. Things seem different. I've improved my looks a bit as of late, losing weight and changing hairstyle. A few people at school have pointed out how much better I look, but when I asked her about it she seemed to be indirect about my changes, pointing out that "Some people have said you look better", rather than "I think you look better," when the topic of my looks was brought up.

Similarly, her friend wrote a note on the board in class saying "(My name) is cute. I like him a lot, and I don't know what to do," in French, with my friend's name written on it. Now I wasn't sure at the time if this was a weird joke, her friend's way of expressing interest in me, or her friend expressing my friend's interest for her... It was an odd situation that I generally disregarded.

On Friday, she told me that she wanted me to tell her something about me that was very personal that I've never told anyone else, so I told her about how I'm not good with relationships and how my lack of experience with them is literally the only thing I dislike about myself. It was the most personal thing I could muster up.

Currently her date to prom is her gay friend, so if I agree to go to prom I don't know what's going to happen. She might be trying to set me up with her friend

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  • Wow... your guy's conversation sounds so similar to the mine and my ex-boyfriend's lol. It's kinda scary. From what I can acquire from your point of view of her, she does seem to like you. Anyways, I was kind of in her position last year. I got together with him a few weeks before prom, and wanted to go with him, but it wasn't really his thing. Not to mention, he was a year younger than me. ^^; As much as I wanted him to go, I also respected his decision that he didn't. (Sorry if you didn't want to hear this story at all... )

    But anyways, whether you go to Prom or not depends on you. I think the first thing you need to figure out is if you like this girl or not. Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone for her? If you really don't want to, she should also accept your choice. She most likely does like you, though, thus insisting on you attending.

    Honestly, I don't know how you should react. The only thing I really grasp is that you're confused about everything right now. If you have any questions, just ask. I hope I kinda helped. I don't think I really answered your question... Sorry. Good luck. ^^


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  • Stop anticipating what she wants and figure out what you want and go forth and make it happen.

  • Thats cool, do it