How to get an MC (Medical Certificate)?

Today is my last day of being kicked out of school if i do not attend. And i need an MC (Medical Certificate) for it. But going straight to the doctors would brings me tones of money lost. The other time i went there i spent about $60. And wished not to spend those kind of money and to get and MC (s). Any Solutions? I am actually a little sick but i do not want to see the doctors. Because i could rest at home but you know schools, they always take it as a fake even if they took it real. i still have to get kicked out.


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  • You'll probably still have to see a doctor

    • But it's expensive :<

    • And i kinda like your name and your wallpaper. Anime Fan :3 tho i don't watch anime i just like the girls and guys in it. Because they always seems to be better than the real world Girls and guys. You have to agree with me :3

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