How come when I cried I couldn't stop?

People think I'm joking when I say I haven't cried in years
Last time I cried besides this situation was about... Early 2012 or late 2011

I went through a lot.
My mom got me therapist after therapist after therapist.
None of them fazed me at all..
But there was this one therapist that got to me.. I don't know how she did it but she did.. Big time

It wasn't a sweet convo she got smart with me for skipping school
She would yell at me act
One day she started talking about my dad who left my family for another family

She said something like
"Not talking?
( I usually ignored her the whole session)
You can't run away from your problems.. You're not your dad"

She said something like that not exactly that though and I yelled at her (forgot what I said)
Then I walked out, she said
"Of my God I struck a nerve"
And ran after me I started crying i tried my hardest not to but the tears like forced their way out my eyes and I put my shirt over my face

Then she came up and made me look her in the eyes
She apologised
And hugged me for about 10 minutes talking to me

When she hugged me I just couldn't stop crying literally

Why did this happen it was the first time I cried in yeaarrss I didn't even cry when my dad left I just got mad

She might've been a therapist or cps worker I don't know


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  • She unlockwe dyour emotion that was hidden away and if you don't cry for awhile at least for ! e I just have a meltdown and totally don't stop crying until I sleep.. Hun it normal... If you ever need someone to talk to about your emotions just pm me 😊

    • I don't know if I could

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    • Talk about it
      I usually don't

    • Me either... its bad for you... sooner or later if you don't you will get depressed and starts doing self harm... and don't say you would never do self harm because I used to say that

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  • If you haven't already, go back to her... or if too uncomfortable with her, another therapist. Expand on what happened. Don't be afraid to go into details, you just sobbed on a person for 20 mins lol, there isn't much to be embarrassed or reserved about now. It sounds like you have issues with your father leaving. Maybe resentment, and or fear of becoming your father. All I know is talking about those deep emotions can help a lot, even if you just found out about them. And even if the other person couldn't give a sh*t, just getting it out can be an accomplishment.

    • I got a new therapist she was a temporary one idI of I could get her back
      Probably of my mom asked

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  • All that emotion has built up over time, you might not have thought you had built up emotion but you did. Supressing all your thoughts and feelings about your dad and past events isn't good and what your therapist was trying to do was try and get a reaction out of you, so she knows your current state.
    You might of thought you were mad but maybe deep down inside you were extremely upset; you might of been upset because you don't want to end up like you father?
    Honestly you should give your therapist a medal! She definitely knows how to do her job!

    • I kinds miss him
      It made me mad when she said I'd end up like him
      Because she was implying I would run from everything
      My dad did that a lot and even though I miss him so much I don't wanna be anything like him

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  • As guys we bottle up our emotions and when we let them out they really flow. It is good to have a nice long cry. It is also very health to show emotion. Were not stone although a lot of women think that of men.

    • Is all of that out now?
      This was about a month ago
      Haven't cried since

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    • I was just embarrassed I'm not the crying type

    • Don't be embarrassed about it. It is normal.

  • nice.. . did she have big tits?