To move into an apartment or wait?

My girlfriend and I want move into an apartment. Parents have said bad feelings about the apartment area, but we seemed to have gotten a nice area in the complex.

I've been going back in forth in my mind if that apartment complex is the right one... if I should stay home for a few months, save up some money, pay off my credit card, buy a new car... and wait for my girlfriend to save money to buy a car instead of walking to work. I think the fact that I'm questioning it means I shouldn't do it yet and instead wait... I don't know :(

I'm just nervous financially, even though I know we will be fine, but we still could be better financially.

I also want to have more freedom from my parents and would like to sleep with my girlfriend each night... I am 23.


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  • Waiting till the money situation is better, Is usually a good idea. Making sure you have a good setup in case of a financial blindside is always preferential. Overall though once you do make the move it'll feel great. My advice? Sure wait a little, then jump headfirst.

  • You made me leary. Being in the good section doesn't mean the other section doesn't come around & cause trouble, break ins, car theft etc. I think I'd pass & wait.

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