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I’ve been learning Arabic (MSA) the past week and a half with some degree of progression. I can identity all 28 alphabets nearly immediately upon seeing it and can form a word by conjoining those alphabets together (although I take a ridiculous amount of time to do so). In this regard, the issue mainly stems from pronunciation problems and not knowing what vowels should be used between each alphabet.

In the vocabulary aspect, I can identity most things in my bedroom and bathroom in Arabic, I can also identity different body parts in Arabic; although I’m certain that I do butcher the pronunciations for these two groups of things.

I’m trying to learn connecting words at the moment to form short sentences: “This is not a lamp”, for instance. But I get conflicting pronunciations on different websites, although this may be due to people having different dialects and sorts.

The syntax is typically quite different from English, so I often hit a wall here; however I do realise that I’d much rather get down the vocabulary first than to speak with 100% correct grammar.

Now that I laid out everything I know, I’d love for some advice as to how I can progress further from here. Without a direction, I often lose interest in something. I hate for this opportunity to go to waste.

I have on average ~ 3 hours (+- 1 hour) daily to practice the language.

This isn't just directed to Arabic speakers/learners but anyone who has a grasp on learning a totally different language.
Thank you in advance! :)


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  • I'm an Arab :)
    Learning English sounded difficult at first for me, but when I started watching movies playing video games (repeating dialogs), listening to music... etc, all in the English language I started to improve on pronunciation which helped a lot.

    • Thanks man!
      Did you learn English from scratch? How long did it take you to get to this level?
      Also, if it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate if you could point me to a couple of Arabic songs that you love :D

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    • Oh right! That makes sense, I almost forgot about the dialect issue. Thanks so much.
      One more thing, I plan on learning a dialect after gaining some degree of proficiency in fusha. I'm thinking of learning Egyptian Arabic as it is quite widespread in Arabic media, thus most understood. Do you think that it is a good idea?

    • Sorry for the really late reply, but I wouldn't recommend Egyptian Arabic.

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