Is this a toxic friend or am I exaggerating?

sorry for my poor English I am french speaking

I have a crush on a girl whom I have never spoke to. I asked my friend if he can help me get her number. I told him she studies in fashion and I described her. he told me i dont know her but I know someone that might help you. then I mentioned that she is hot

and thats what he said

him: dont you think that she is out of your league?
him : i mean you are an engineering introverted student and she is the fashion outgoing student
I was walking in the hall and I wanted to show him the girl we didn't find her and he was like

him: anyways nothing will come out of this. it is a waste of time

me : i understand your point of view but still i am within the league ( physically )
him : are you sure she is achievable?
me: yeah

I didn't understand why he stared judging me and he was not supportive. I have been told i am good looking, very handsome, by women on many occasions. why? was he jealous

how should I have responded. when I meet him next time should I ignore him or just talk to him coldly.

he said also oh now you are now aiming at nicole kidmans Hollywood standards


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  • That's ridiculous. Anyone who answers like that is first of all, quite insecure, and secondly - yes, he may be a toxic friend (or at least not someone you want around). There's a difference between being truthful and being rude. Also, that was a shallow assessment on his part. Engineering is a very respectable field, and that would not be something that would turn someone off (unless she is not worth it, but you don't know that). Actually, a lot of good looking girls are either approached by jerks or not approached as often as you'd think because many people think they're out of their leagues. Just go for it, and give her the chance to decide how she feels - not your friend.


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