Toyota Yaris gear?

there's a 3rd and 2nd gear when going uphill or down roads, will it harm the car if using those on a flat surface? Cause my mom borrowed my car and she used those just driving normally


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  • On a flat surface you should use the highest possible gear that you can use without the engine stalling. It is the most economic way of driving and you dont need to be in high rpm's to get all the power because you dont need it on the flat. It won't really hurt the car much if you use low gears a lot but it will make your engine wear out faster and you will burn more fuel then nessecary.

  • Manual or automatic.
    If it a manual yes as 3rd and 2rd would probably put to must strain on the engine for a car only pushing 106 horsepower
    If it an automatic yes only if you highway driving or driving at high speeds. As keeping in 3rd or 2nd will make revs higher and make to engine work harder to go the same speed.

  • Was the engine in the red line?

    • It depends on the speed your mum way going in 2nd or 3rd.

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    • It is really hard to tell without being there but most likely if the car seems fine now it probably is. For example 30 miles per hour in 3rd I would not think would cause any damage only use more petrol but 60 miles per hour in second could.

    • It all depends on the revs the car was doing and how long the car was doing those revs for.

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