Why honesty is not the best policyi?

i can easly see how good, honest, nice... people are suffering in their daily life because they can't lie or co-exist with lyers. Personnaly im hving many problems because i always honedtly tell people about everything ( personnsl, business...)
is its impossible to live with out lies or lies become a normal thing these days?


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  • I consider myself an honest person but I do lie from time to time. Either to save my own skin or someone dear to me. So even being honest is good 8 out of 10 times, you need to know the things that are worth lying for.


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  • Why is it not the best policy?

    I still think it's the best policy. There is nothing wrong with being honest, if people don't appreciate honesty then something is very wrong with their thinking.

    • I agree too its the best honesty but unfortunatly nowadays its hard to be really honest thats what i meant.