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I am a 25 year old female, single (by choice) for a year now (still sort of recovering from a breakup- a 4,5 year relationship). I was quite hurt (I still am) and I am not ready to be in a relationship or give someone 200% until I am fully recovered. I have met guys and dated and hooked up with a few, but I am very selective in who I date and who I give my time of day. I am very confident, too confident sometimes I would even say. I am not the best person ever nor the most good looking but I am highly attractive and nice and I have a really great personality. I recently decided to move back home with my parents for a while because I felt I needed to come home - to finish my thesis and get some "grounded floor" by being home (I was living in another country). I have a very high self esteem and I am adventurous as well and I am quite bold/confrontational sometimes. I am not afraid to go up to someone and tell them like it is if I really believe I need to. I am a fighter (for what I believe). Despite all my really great qualities as a person, my honesty, loyalty, energetic, fun and sweet personality, I also have a lot of drawbacks...
I can't finish school, (have been 'writing' my thesis for the past 2 years and I still can't seem to discipline myself to finish it) it keeps holding me back but my parents keep telling me to just finish it because I'm only about 1.5 month away from finishing it- I've been 1.5 month for the past 2 years!. I do not have any money saved. I fight for many causes but I can't seem to fight for myself. I think I am such a great person and so committed and dedicated and fighter for what I want and believe in but sometimes I am such a shit and not fulfilling my potential or being where I think I should be. I have such high ambitions yet I am not where I want to be. I have moments where I am so high and then moments where I am so low. What should I do? Any help? What do you think? What is your opinion of me? I feel like shit right now :'(


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  • Your drawbacks aren't really drawbacks... I think many people, especially in their 20s, share the same experiences. Also, fighting for things greater than yourself is more positive than anything else.

    Even if we say they are drawbacks, it doesn't take away from the fact that you are pretty tremendous at everything that matters to sensible people. I think many of us have regrets and feel like we aren't where we should be, but I'd say if today you strive to be better than you were yesterday, even incrementally, that is improvement and you should feel great about that. Good luck and keep your head up. Sounds like you're a great person.

    • Thank you... Maybe I am just being too hard on myself. Maybe not... but I really appreciate your words. <3 Thank you.

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  • sound like my kind of girl


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