Do you find this rude?

One of my co workers (lets call her Rachel) was emailing Maria, but i was covering for her Maria today so she sent me printouts and she accidentally included the email which was a conversation between Maria and Rachel , and Rachel had written 'the office is less friendly without you'.
Do you think this is rude to the rest of us even slightly?

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  • It was a massage to a friend a message saying in a way "I miss you" someone on an outside perspective looking in may have seen it differently like you did. It's understandable that you would perceave it differently from the outside looking in, but if you put yourself in her shoes then it becomes clear that the office feeling less friendly is only a turn of fraze meaning that "the office feels different with out you" an to her maybe a little loanly excpecially if she and (Maria) talk frequently and have a friendship. It's normal to feel a bit loanly with out a friend that's normally there to talk to. It's not your fault for your assumption so don't feel guilty but if you feel bad about it then you should apologize to Rachel and tell her your sorry that she feels that way maybe even invite her out some time for lunc and let her feel welcome. That's my opinion in it I hope my words helped you understand in some way. I wish you and the two girls luck and possible friendship. Good luck dear.


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  • Maybe she felt that way and maybe she didn't but was lying to her to make her feel better.

    Eitherway - I couldn't give a rat's ass


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  • No, I don't see why not- just means she really appreciates marias kindness in the office.

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