Is a railway incident response officer a good job to help people?

They basically keep the railway moving, responding to any safety related incidents - engineering faults, crime, fatalities etc.

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  • No it's not
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  • It is, but it can be gruesome if you get a "one-under" (someone under a train). You need to have a stomach for that.

    You also need to be really aware of your surroundings because there will be times you respond without the traction current switched off, or with the trains still passing through at line speed.

    • Have you done the job before?

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    • Is frontline work on the railway easy to get into with no experience on it?

    • You go to a training college to learn the ropes so i dont think experience is required. Obvs depends on your location and job offers open as to how much competiton you have.

  • It's a job. Charity starts at home... If you're working and can't help those closet to you and not hurting others in sacrifice, then you should be able to feel good about yourself.

  • I'ts much less of a good job to help people than nurses, doctors, fire fighters and yes, sometimes even cops (at least the majority of them outside of USA it seems)

    There's a sh*t load of jobs regarding trains, that also cater to help people, such as station managers. And they, along with many other jobs, help keep the railways moving.

    If you're in the UK you should check on getting a job as a tube driver - that's well payed

    • Is railway an easy industry to get into with no experience.

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