I NEED HELPP!!! With my thesis! Anyone a tutor?

I am writing my thesis and cannot seem to finish it! It IS DRIVING ME NUTS... I have NO CONCENTRATION and I cannot seem to focus to work on it! Is anyone willing to help me?

One hour per day would be greaaaaat! I can help with something else in return. Pleaseeee helpppppppp!


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  • I could help. Not sure about one hour but I could do half an hour.

    • Yes, that would also be fine! I just need a push or someone to help me or guide me while I finish.. i am so near the end but I can't make myself finish.. How can I help you in return? 30 minutes is better than nothing.. I really just need to finish itttttt !

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    • PM me and we can discuss it privately.

    • ok sure! I will :)

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  • What's the subject?

    • Human resources in acquisitions... It is not the topic that is the problem but the writingg :(

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    • lol :p time to be creative! :D haha :'(

    • And stop wasting time on here girl!
      Good luck.

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