How do you feel about social media websites closing , such as Experience Project?

EP was a site similar to GAG, but with more of a focus on individual experiences and relating to other users. Unfortunately, the site closed down today. It wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last anonymous social media style site to close down. Earlier this year, Answer Bag shut down, and although many people think that Yahoo Answers is the biggest Q&A site, they are definitely struggling to keep that site afloat, and there's a very real possibility that it will shut down.

Even GAG is not immune from the possibility. With mobile social media apps, internet regulations and hackers, sites like GAG having been struggling. I thought it was sad that EP closed, as it was a very good idea for a social website, but unfortunately couldn't survive in the current climate. It makes me wonder if GAGs days are numbered?

I enjoy website like this, and I hate to see them all dropping off of the map. :(


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  • It is very pity if it shout down.
    I found the website when I am seeking a form like it.
    Though here seem to be love topical board anywhere
    but it is a part of it what I am seeking at least
    and it seem to be hard to find out what I am used to
    Need to adapt anyway..

  • I didn't realise that EP had shut down. :/
    I hope the same doesn't happen here but I think the main thing is that people find ways to contact their friends from this site another way (e. g. Facebook) in case anything goes wrong with GaG.


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