How many times does the guy actually wants his child to be born but the woman has an abortion?

I've heard too many stories of the guy insisting on an abortion but the woman decides to keep the baby. However, does the other way also happens... when it's the guy that wants the child but the woman doesn't and he ends up getting hurt when she has an abortion?

These are the two posible scenarios.

Scenario 1:
Assuming it's an ok relationship and for some reason the protection failed, the woman got pregnant decided on getting an abortion. Guy expresses his opinion on how he would still want his child but she doesn't. It's been talked about but she still goes on having an abortion and he's hurt.

Scenario 2:
It's a good relationship and woman gets pregnant. Both of them initially talked about keeping the baby and informing other family members. Suddenly woman has a change of mind but never informs she's going to have an abortion, she just does it behind his back (ex: lying to him about going to the store but already having an abortion).

I'm wondering because I've always hear about the woman wanting the child but guy doesn't. Does the other way around also happens?


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  • This happened to me when I was 21.
    I loved the woman. She became pregnant and told me that she was pregnant. I hugged her all night and told her how much I loved her.
    A week later, without my knowledge, she had an abortion.
    I was shattered.
    That was, of course, the end of the relationship.
    I still shed an occasional tear for the child who might have been.

  • Of course it happens. I can't imagine that anyone would have the means of tracking such incidents for statistical purposes, so. . . how often? Nobody knows.

  • I would guess it happens a lot, esp. among older men. But I would guess it happens more often that the man never finds out about it.


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