Girls, Do you think guys have become way too desperate and would do anything for girl?

Do you think they've grown way too weak and desperate for girls these days? I read some guy saying he'd stab himself just to talk to some girl from his college?

Do you think guys have gone way too desperate now? I also saw various videos on tinder where people make two individual profile just to check responses and girl got 2.3x more messages than guy altho guy was more attractive than girl was and then I saw video of some girl revealing her tinder messages on YouTube saying how most of them are too desperate and called their pick u lines pathetic?

Last week, Some guy in my class almost begged a girl on knees for a date lol (not kidding) only to get rejected. He wasn't really good looking at all doe but it made me question this.

Have guys really gone way too weak and desperate for women to point they'd do anything for them?

  • yes
    44% (7)
  • no
    56% (9)
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Would you take advantage of guy that desperate and make him do stuff for u?

Be honest, you can go Anon too Pls.


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  • Blame society (girls assuming guys just want sex) and (guys assuming they can't get girls unless very attractive)... but, it could also be because the majority of hs/college/late twenty year olds just want casual hookups. People don't have time to waste with real relationships (let alone marriage)... because school is really critical nowadays, along with work.

    Luckily.. my relationship is very real and steady... and I'm only 21... but even so... both of us are in college and he is very busy!!

    Are guys more desperate? Maybe--but in this day and age... men are portrayed as players, users, lowlifes... It's awful!!! They are now trying 10x harder to not be part of this stereotype. Back in the 50s... this whole concept of hooking up would have been absurd. Women are afraid the guy they date will BE one of these stereotypes OR don't want to come off as easy (which is also more popular nowadays) The 21st century is cool... but people want everything RIGHT NOW... patience has been dwindling down since 2000?

    • What? Lol

      Player? Players aren't desperate and depressed for women lol I am talking about majority. They'd do anything jsut to talk to woman, Some survey on Google showed that more than majority of men would literally be willing to do anything and everything if woman offer them sex

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    • Exactly lol

    • Yay! Sorry, dude. I beat around the bush... lol... but I hope you liked reading my other ideas! :)

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  • In my experience guys are either way too macho, or fucking princesses. There is a healthy balance and I feel like a lot of guys think its one or the other when in reality, all a girl wants is for a guy to stand up and be a man but also be able to talk on an emotional level. So what you cried while watching nemo and you enjoy the notebook? No big deal. Just don't expect us to hold your hand be sympathetic to you all the time. Stick up for your woman but don't pick fights. Don't let chivalry die.

  • Some guys are I met this guy who had a girlfriend and he was flirting with another girl bit this girl was smart and she avoided him like the plague she later find out they broke up and he tried to get her to talk to him but she didn't even do she still had feelings turns out in less than a month he already had a new girlfriend and three months in the relationship they had sex because he kinda sort of posted it about it online.

  • Not really

  • Not all guys are like that

  • I imagine there have always been men that acted like this.

    • Can you guess reason why? And how you feel about this? Lol

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    • Lol subconsciously or consciously, I don't think any men ever these days would have sex with random women without condom and your genes don't but your wallet or parents money do. Just be honest and state your reason, I am just doing little survey.

      And if it is like that lol Women subconsciously are more desperate for relationships because their biology tells them to settle, They still are way less desperate than men for sex lol

    • If you think people don't have casual sex without a condom I think you are naive. The prevalence of STDs would seem to indicate otherwise. I have been nothing but honest in my opinions. I agree with your second paragraph entirely. Many modern women are as desperate for commitment as many men are for sex.

  • No, they are selfish in relationship and only think of them. They doesn't even pay for date anymore

    • Because it's all about equalitu now?

    • I don't care about equality. I want to be his first priority like he'll be my first priority

  • Yes definitely