Do you think the billions of dollars used for forced involuntary psychiatric commitment would be better used on people who actually want treatment?

The whole pretense is garbage; locking someone up because they MIGHT hurt themselves or others.
NEWS FLASH: anyone can be a danger to themselves or others.
That's why you incarcerate people for what they actually do, not for what they might do.

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  • I'm a psychiatric social worker in an emergency room. Psychotic people are not capable of making rational decision and cannot care for themselves. Homicidal people are a serious danger to others, I've recently seen a mother who tried to kill her own children. Suicidal people will definitely successfully kill themselves if they don't get to the hospital. Mental illness is not an optional illness. It's serious and life threatening just like any medical illness. These people REQUIRE emergency help. It's very naive to think that they don't need help.

    • And I was sent to a psych ward under the pretense that I was suicidal which turned out to be false. So how are we going to prevent mentally sound people from being incarcerated huh?
      "Mental illness is not an optional illness. It's serious and life threatening just like any medical illness."
      NEWS FLASH: even people with diseases that have 100% mortality rates untreated still have the RIGHT to deny treatment.

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    • Well, the memory of my incarceration left me with PTSD which has ruined my quality of life for the past 9 years.
      But the fundamental problem with the system is this: you incarcerate people for what they might do and anyone can see how ludicrous that is. Anyone might do anything, you don't know what will happen in the future. That's why we punish people for what they do, not what they might do.

    • Also, anyone who wants to end their life is deemed mentally ill even though refusing treatment for a disease that would be fatal if left untreated is tantamount to suicide.

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  • They do treat them like garbage but its not like most of those mental illnesses have actual cures so the next best thing is to just "tranquilize" them in a nut shell.

    • They DON'T treat them like garbage. I work in a psych ward. It's really nice, like a hotel. They're treated very well.

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    • @remedioso
      "Believe what you want."
      It's not what I believe, it's what I endured under a false pretense.
      "And just because you had a bad experience in one hospital doesn't mean they are all bad."
      and as long as we have this guilty until proven innocent mentality in the psychiatric health system where people are incarcerated in psych wards because they MIGHT be suicidal, how are we going to prevent innocent people from being incarcerated?
      Do you think it"s better to let a guilty man roam free or incarcerate an innocent one?

    • Here's a paper that describes the blunt reality of psych wards.

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  • I think if everyone got the mental healthcare they needed for free (as part of a Welfare State) and there was no stigma attached to suffering from mental health problems, a lot less people would need to be institutionalised by force.

    I don't have time to watch your whole video; but I definitely agree that mental healthcare needs massive reform.


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  • cool bruh...

    psychiatry is nonsense..

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