Advice after falling off of a horse please 😁 ?

Hey guys.. So let me sum things up. I went to horse riding classes and I fell off of the horse I was riding ( it was the 5th class i think )... I was asked to do a trot, so I did it and the horse started galloping suddenly... Now I'm kinda nervous to go back... I dont know how to not be so nervous now.. Its like, I'm just thinking about falling again :/ anyone with good ideas? XD


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  • the first time is always hard and scary :) u are not a true rider until u fall, so congrats u are a true rider now! Haha it happens to everyone. the important thing is to just stand up. the best way to go is to ride right after it happens, but if u didn't, thats fine.
    next time u go make sure u talk to the horse first. the things u do before riding are the most important because the horse is not like a car, you need to spend some time with it before riding, talk to it, pet it. Try to touch its forehead, the neck, chest, you'll see that u will get a bit more relaxed too :)
    and when u are riding, make sure u feel the mouth, the reins should not be really tense to the point of bothering the horse, but u need to be able to feel the mouth so that u can avoid that kind of thing happening again, and when u pull it, do it downwards
    Its normal that u feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of riding again, it always happens, just take a deep breath. The beauty of riding is that is a very unpredictable thing , u know? horses are amazing and sometimes they just have their days haha, best thing u can do is try to be as calmed as possible because the horse can sense the way you feel, so the more calmed u are, the more calmed the horse will be
    after riding, try to spend some more time with it and let the horse know it did a great job, pet it, groom it and give it some food, food never fails lol :P good luck!

    • Thank you soooooooooo much!!!❀
      you honestly encouraged me now! Yesterday I decided to go and give it another try. I got the horse I wanted and everything went great. And this time I didn't fall when the horse was galloping, it felt amazing πŸ˜„
      I didn't get the same horse that I fell off of, that horse is huge and she runs fast. Another girl got her and she also fell off :/
      as for my horse, he gets scared super easily, when the girl fell off and her horse started running around the field, my horse got super scared so I was able to control him and calm him down ❀ that horse is the one that makes me control my nervousness, coz I know I must be brave if my horse already gets freaked out so easily πŸ˜‚

    • no problem, glad i could help! :)
      yaaaaaay!! galloping is like flying, so gooooood haha
      lol that horse likes to see people in the floor huh? xD
      oh thats good! u are getting better and better at this, happy for u!

      thanks for MHO! :)

    • Hahhahah she definitely likes seeing people on the floor XD

      and no need to thank me, you deserved that MHO 😌😊

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  • Have you ever fallen off a bicycle? It's the same, not all horses gallop, keep in mind you may have been over mounted so consider asking the instructor to choose a better tempered horse. Many horses do what you direct them to do, make sure you talk to them too they tend to get nervous and also if you are nervous they ppick up on that being they are very empathetic.

  • Face your fears, but do so responsibly

  • Get back up on that horse and ride again girl

  • You know the old prhase about falling off a horse you just get straight back on. Also ask the riding school to be put on a calmer horse, it could be the horse you rode is known to be unpredictable. Just remember from my expierance calmer horses are normally lazier

    I did a years worth of riding lessons by the way

    • Yes you are right! I got the horse I wanted in todays class, so everything was better thank god. XD

      thanks :))

    • But don't avoid the horse that will create a bad pscyological imprint of the horse in you mind making him/her more cautious and unprecdicatble

  • You know what they say OP, if you can't hold the horse just ride em till you can till you get bucked off again baha

  • @Imafreespirit you used to ride a lot, this is right up your alley.

  • Horse riding 😢?
    No idea :P
    Maybe giving that horse a chocolate 🍫 is a good idea

  • Hahahaha :P :P :P :P
    Anw i'm waiting for u tonight to give me the updates about today's class ;) :P

  • Grow some balls and go back, oh but you don't have balls! Just go there get on top of him, and kick his ass so he start running.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      i guess in gonna have to try again

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    • One more advice, everytime you start to think about your fears don't give a fuck because you'll hesitate.

    • Thank you, you are right.

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  • aww hehe u poor thing!

    okay this is quite simple. I've had a bit of experience and the instructor ALWAYS told me to form a bond with my horse first. don't ride the horse until you go up to it, pat it on that gorgeous snout, eye contact, feed it even if u can. horses are very intelligent. they'll know what ur doing.

    after that, if u can groom it a bit that'd b great. if there isn't time, just keep patting it around the sides are u come to mount. when u do, be gentle, and make sure to keep contact with the horse. that way it will feel comfortable. also make sure the instructor isn't dodgy. ask them about their bond with the horses as well. u can ask them to hold a rope of something at first till ur comfortable, then let go when ur ready. just stay calm.

    "things never happen the same way twice, dear one" :) - Aslan

    • THANKS A LOT!!❀❀ you made me feel comfortable and you are right! The only problem is that they dont always give us the same horse πŸ˜“ today I got the horse that I wanted, and we did great ❀ that horse gets scared super easily, especially when other horses are suddenly running. So, that kinda obligated me to be brave and try my best to control him. If the horse and the rider are scared, then big problems are about to happen πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

    • Ur welcome beautiful!❀️❀️❀️ So proud of u for being braveπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

    • Awwwww thanks 😚😚❀

  • I've ridden horses for years. Trust me, EVERY good rider has fallen MANY times lol. My first horse was a bucker. πŸ˜‘

    Anyway, the worst thing you can do on a horse is get nervous. They soak that energy up like sponges and are more likely to act out. If you must, you can request a different horse, but bottom line, don't be afraid. Sounds like it wasn't a bad fall.

    • I'm glad to read from someone that has been riding horses lol. That makes me feel better πŸ™ˆ

      thanks a lot! The trainer gets to chose the horse I'm riding, not me :/ but anyways, I'll try to calm myself before I ride it again.

      and thank God it wasn't so bad. I lost all control of the rains coz I slipped on the horses neck, and my feet came out of those things where you put them ( dont know how they are called in English πŸ˜… )
      and then I was gonna get up but I couldn't, so I fell off.. In that 1 second of falling, I was just thinking about the horses legs, and hoping he won't trip in my head

    • So glad this helped! :) Those foot things are called stirrups, and yeah they're easy to lose once you lose your balance! I've been pretty lucky myself, haven't had any falls that were too bad. Just some soreness afterwards usually. Worst thing I ever got was a sprained wrist - which really isn't bad in the horse world! 😊

      But yeah, you'll do fine! Just stay calm and keep a good grip on those reins :)

    • Thank you! :D
      I hope you never get into any serious falls! :))

  • As someone who rode horses for a decade, there's really nothing for it but getting back up there. You will fall again. It's just the reality of the sport. You ever heard the saying "seven falls makes a rider"?

    When you fall off, it's very important for you to get back on immediately. Even if it's just to walk around the ring one more time. Don't let yourself give in to the fear, or you will always be stuck.

    • Yes the time I fell off, I rode on her immediately!
      and today I got back to the classes, everything went great. I got the horse I wanted, ( not the same one I fell off of ), so it was better.
      there's another girl that rode the horse I fell off of, and she fell as well 😐 coz that horse is big and gallops pretty fast. So its hard to control her.

    • Oh and thanks a lot btw!! :))

    • No problem. They always used to put me on the more difficult horses, especially after my coach found out that I didn't want to compete. It wasn't about them improving my skills anymore, just about training their more difficult horses. It was a pain in the arse, truthfully, and why I gave it up. They always said "you're so tall and strong! You can handle them!" Yeah, but I don't want to!

  • Yea falling was ine of the reasons why I stopped when I was young.
    I almosr broke my back so my dad didn t allow me anymore.
    Other than that I ve always fallen from the horse it s normal.
    My coach was strict back then and would make me go up again and continue directly after the fall.
    The get over the fall, and that s what you should do.
    Anw hope you re not injured or smthng ^^

    • One* almost* to*
      Sry typo

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    • Lol well be careful hbbi ^^

    • Thanks, I will :*

  • have you ever climbed a tree and fallen out of it