From where would you say you were from, if you were in my situation?

I was born in another country. And I came to the country where I live now, when I was 3 years old.
I never went back to my birth place, not even on vacation. I'm not interested in doing that.
The thing is, that I don't share the views of the people from the country where I was born. I can't see myself living there and I don't want to live there.
At the same, I don't consider myself a citizen of the country I am now, because I wasn't born here and I also don't share their views.
Plus, the majority of the population from here is white and I'm black. So, that doesn't help me.
And I'm confused...

So, if you were me, how would you identify yourself? How would you see yourself?


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  • The country you live in.
    I moved 10 years. ago & I say I'm from "X" (where I live now) If asked where was I born then I say "Y" or if I hear someone talking about that city I was from then I say I was born & raised there.


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  • I identify myself with 2 nationalities.


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  • I'd consider you from the country you were born in

    • Even if I don't know much about the country and I left when I was 3?

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