I feel really stupid now, why have I lost the capability to do certain things?

So today I was training for my first job ever and I was mainly working at the register. I couldn't remember things in order and I kept making the same mistakes and even simple things such as rounding off I get A's and B's in maths in school but the problem is I've got to work fast but my memory is so bad and I'm the slowest thinker in maths class I have time to work out D: !!! It was alright towards the end but I'm not that great. Other than work I forget questions I have to say and I forget things people tell me just a second after. I've only done driving lessons twice and sometimes my teacher thinks I'm panicking just because he thinks I do things on my own but I actually have issues with paying attention while driving and listening to him at the same time. I also recently started gaming again and I've been so awful I've only stopped for year because I've been sorta busy but I've been playing games almost my whole life since 4 (i'm 17) so how the heck could I forget something I've been doing for years at such a young age? I used love dancing, art and gymnastics and i'm not going to lie I was great at those things but now i'm just okay at art unless I have a reference photo and I don't remember gymnastics and I gave up on dancing because I've been awful at remembering moves even the simplest dances. I also used to be a fast learner and found everything so easy.

I haven't had any injuries or know anything that could have affected me. I've also been wanting to see a doctor because I legitimately think I may have dyslexia or memory issues but I don't know if it can come out of nowhere, should I? It's affecting my confidence and school (it's my last year), what should I do? whats wrong with me?

ignore the mistakes please I'm not bothered reading over it lol.

Forgot the full stop after "I'm the slowest thinker"


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  • Take a deeeeep breath
    And chill
    You're fine
    Just need to concentrate on everything and be confident 💁

  • Maybe it's just been a bad month for you and you'll be back to your old self

  • Relaxxxxxxxx. You were probably just nervous. It happens. Give yourself time

    • Is it maccas?

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    • there's at least around 50**

    • lol I know the feeling. I used to do check out at woolies. It's surprisingly easy to remember fruit and veg names after a while

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