Should I move back or stay living where I am?

I moved to where my parents live around December and have been living here since. It's super nice here because we live a minute walk from a huge lake that lots of people vacation at and it's super hot here during the summer and just all around beautiful, and it's a bigger place with lots more people during the summer and new people to meet and I really want to meet new girls to be friends with but I haven't met a single person outside of work because I live 10 minutes out of town and I work in a industrial shop mom-fri. My question is do I move back to my home town where all my friends are? It's a small town but I know everyone and I have a apartment lined up ready for me to move in, but the closer the date comes to hand in my 2 weeks the more I think what am going back for? My 3 best friends are there 2 of them are girls and one is like my brother, I have started to fall for one of them but for a couple days she has been really bad at texting so I haven't texted her at all and I'm just confused on what I should do, stay here and sit it out and hope I meet people but I get lonely and sorta depressed because I just work and then go home and sleep because I work 5am-4pm, or do I go back home and start going to school for welding and live where my friends are and where I actually go out and have fun?


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  • go back home and start going to school for welding and live where your friends are and where you actually go out and have fun. being depressed is never a choice.

    • yeah im going to, it just sucks that i couldnt make a start down here and meet people because there is so much more oppurtunity for life and everything basically. but my one friend said she wants to move down here so me and her made a deal that once i was done schooling me and her would move near here in the big city and rent a place because its nice here :) she made me pretty happy

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    • yeah i'm really looking forward to that because it will be easy to meet people when there are two of you so you aren't by yourself when you go out haha and my guy bestfriend has said he plans to move by where we are just about 30 mins away, so things will get better i guess haha just needs some time right

    • i completely understand, im feeling the same way about two is better than one thing. alright then so for now just bear with it ;)

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