Why is disliking the opposite gender of your race seen as self hate?

I strongly dislike black men because they disrespect black women more than anyone. I don't see how this is self hate if I am black WOMAN not a black MAN. I love being black. I love everything about being black except the men.


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  • It just takes on sentence to explain why

    You are isolating 100% of black men by saying 'I don't like black men' rather than saying I dont like black men that behave like this or like that but the others I like

  • There is no logic behind it. People are dumb and want something to complain about to show how left-wing and tolerant there are.

    Ignore it. Nothing good comes out of you reacting to this shit.

  • You love black women but won't even try to create one 💀😂

    If you have a son will you half love him?

    Ur a coooooon


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