When you someone says drinking coffee doesn't make you hyper? What would you say or do if someone said that?

My case manger always says sugar doesn't make you
Hyper , we all give her a look she is only 25 years old
Like whatever are surprised G lady said oh it's probably stuck in there
Had. It'd like who really. One they don't have children yet.
But are case manager keeps saying sugar doesn't make you hyper
Not alone but together with caffeine It does. Why does the case managers have to ruin
The fun g and j supreviser never corrected us. I don't like being corrected.
Don't you think sugar and caffeine can make people hyper in coffee.
I don't agree with my case manager she is getting on my nerves saying sugar doesn't make you hyper.
Sometimes I want to say whatever your so wrong. Please I just want to know how many people think coffee with caffeine and sugar can make people hyper , and how many think not


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  • Well technically it's not the caffeine alone that makes you hyper it's your tolerance to it. My whole family drinks coffee and we're never hyper, we're as relaxed as can be, we just drink it to the point were our bodies are really tolerant of it. So we don't get hyper from it, but if you were to give caffeine to someone with very little tolerance to it they'd be bouncing off the walls.

    As for sugar well that's a myth sugar actually doesn't make you hyper it's been studied, experimented with and shown to be proven false.

    So you're both partly right and wrong.


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  • I mean, you are wrong about sugar making you hyper. It's been scientifically studied and shown that there is no significant link between sugar and hyperactive behavior, it's mostly just a whole bunch of placebo. Though as for caffeine, that definitely does cause heightened energy, and there absolutely is plenty of science behind that.

    • But science people can mess up they could be wrong. They are a lot of the time , I don't believe science, people anyways,. They, don't know, what there doing. There is sugar and caffeine in candy bar and chocolate that can make you hyper it also as sugar. Wake, up people, sugar does make people, hyper. Sugar is sweet It should make people hyper if not it shouldn't even be called sugar. I don't think caffeine alone makes you hyper but when you had sugar. I feel hypertext up not because, of the caffeine but the sugar. So some of you, are probably think I am smart because you are right no you are, wrong I am right. If not the why did are parents always say don't get to much sugar you well bounce off the walls ? Think, about that why would they say that if they knew sugar wouldn't make us hyper. The siencist did a horrible job they did th give children really candy bar , the scientist should have gave each child a, candy bar then seem if they were hyper. Why did are parents lie t

    • Honey, believe what you like, but it doesn't make you any less wrong. I can assure you that scientific studies are nowhere near as flawed as you seem to think, and that they're certainly more reliable than your own biased perception.

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  • Grow a fucking spine and speak your piece. So what if someone disagrees with you, it's a NON ISSUE, get on with life.

    • It's like are case manager says oh sugar doesn't make you hyper
      But I always heard my parents and sister's say don't drink or eat to much candy you well be bouncing off the walls. If sugar is sweet shouldn't it make us hyper. Sugar is sweet sweet stuff make you hyper. That's my saying I am sticking to it.

    • Here you might like this, it's some research about the question "Does Sugar make you Hyper"

      I didn't read it so I don't know the conclusion but it's from Yale so it's likely legit.


  • She's right. Auger does not make you hyper. It's an urban myth. Look it up.

    • But if you but caffeine and sugar That would make you hyper
      Sugar is sugar shouldn't it get you hyper sugar is sweet sweetness makes
      People hyper. Caffeine and sugar are basically the, same thing.

    • Non. Research it. It's an urban myth

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  • To someone who doesn't consume it like I do would yes very much feel hyper/alert. There body isn't use to it, and with the two mixed, it can make someone alert or like you said hyper. Some people drink it to often that it doesn't phase them (like me)