Which of these celebrities is the biggest nut job?

Raven symone?
Which of these celebrities is the biggest nut job?

-Doesn't claim to be African American.
-Doesn't want Harriet Tubman on the 20$ bill.
-Dresses like an gothic teen who listens to hardcore metal music all day

Kanye West

-Runs into poles and blames people for it
-Claims that he is god, or god like
-Charges thousands of dollars for hobo clothing

Donald Trump

-Says he will put trackers on all muslims in the us
-Says all mexicans are rapists and drug dealers
-Has been bankrupt so many times its embarassing.

Jaden Smith

-Wears prom dresses in public
-Tweets things no one understands, and i'm not even sure if he understands what he tweets.
-Is expected to be like his father and isn't meeting those expectations.

  • Raven Symone is the biggest nut job listed.
  • Kanye West is the biggest nut job listed.
  • Donald Trump is the biggest nut job listed.
  • Jaden Smith is the biggest nut job listed.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Between Raven and Trump it's hard. But I'll eliminate Raven cause she is just full self hate she will one day open her eye's and I've herself... ehhhh hopefully. She is just misguided and we must TEACH her.
    Now Trump maybe this mf is the modern day Hitler! Remember Adolf had million's of dumb ass supporter's/followers as well and look what happenedπŸ˜¨πŸ˜‘ Smh*face palm* by the way he claims Mexican's are rapist but didn't he rape his own wife in the 80's and gave her hush money alsoooo he basically said he'd fuck his daughter Ivana on live t. v πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the irony!
    Kanye is just funny and honest, people hate honesty and arrogance. A little Looney, but aren't we all? Yup
    Jaden is your normal teen super star. Also he is his own individual he never signed a contract coming out of Jada's VAG stating he will be his dad's younger clone.
    DONALD πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©TRUMP take's the cake on this one!

    • I did think kanye was doing a publicity stunt
      jaden was raised akwardly
      raven needed a butt whooping and i didn't know trump said that about his daughter?

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    • Damn auto correct is a traitor... raven will one day LOVE not I've lmaoπŸ˜‚

    • i knew what you meant lol

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What Girls Said 5

  • I think it's a tie between Kanye and Trump.

    • this may be true
      since kanye says he's running for president in 2020

    • I know, I watched the whole thing live πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • lol raven seems just commonly stupid and bold about it
    kanye has harmless delusions of grandeur
    trump is petty and doesn't have a filter
    jaden seems like an eccentric teen of today.
    the most nutty is probably trump since the rest are just harmless idiots, only one of the above is running for presidency in a superpower nation

  • LMAOOOO putting trackers on muslims? please please tell me that was a joke.

    • Its not,
      he is dead ass serious

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    • it was said in an interview
      its not misposting
      stop supporting trump

    • lol well i dont know what to believe.

  • Its between Raven and Donald Trump.
    Although Donald Trump is a very common type of nutjob unfortunately.

    • unfortunately...

      i dont know if that makes it better for him since its not surprising or worse

  • Where do you liberal hippie kids get your info on Donald? Because its never true.

    • This is true,
      and im not a hippie I've never smoked in my life i have athsma and if i did id be dead before i finished the smoke.
      and all the info on donald is true
      you just research the good info on him and not the bad
      stop supporting trump

    • Watch his interviews rather than what some left wing article says about him.

What Guys Said 7

  • They're all somewhat crazy in one way or another, you forgot to add that Kayne west is great friends with the leader north Korea a man who wants to kill all of us. And Kayne west also was on just about every social media platform out there literally begging people including the creator of facebook, for millions and millions of dollars because due to his own horrible business decisions and stupid life choices is broke.

    • I didn't know he was friends with him

    • Ah actually wait no I am mistaken It's not Kayne West who's best friends with Kim Jong it's Dennis Rodman another black celebrity who's best friends with Kim Jong. Kayne West and his wife Kim do know Kim though and are somewhat friends with him. Kayne even went and did some shows for him and his wife made and app for him or something. Either way associating with dictators is not good.

    • Yeah especially one who throws a man in jail for life basically for taking propaganda

  • Trump out of these. Kanye is a douchebag and a narcissist, but he also doesn't really do any harm.

  • Raven Simone looks like the kind of chick that could screw you stupid!

    Kanye West is the biggest self-deluded nut, Even more than the Donald.

    • I just wonder what goes on in these people's minds..
      I can imagine a monkey crying in jadens mind
      A monkey trying to take over the world in donalds mind
      A perverted monkey in ravens mind and a mentally I'll one in kanyes

    • There are no crazy rich people, Just eccentric ones.

  • Trump Trumps them all in nut-jobbery.

    • i see what you did there

  • comon it has to be kanye, even people in the UK think he's a dam nut job and funney at that :D

  • Kanye makes Donald Trump look humble

    • i wonder if their IQ's are high

  • Probably Trump but the other people have no business being in the business.