My life flashed before my eyes?

Me and my cousin were on a dirt road on her truck (she was driving) and the back tire on the right side popped and I HAD to figure how to replace the tire. She had these small ass jacks (I think that's what it's called lol, the tool to lift cars up XD). It took me a few to figure out how to use it but I finally lifted the car lol. I went under to take the tire out, and suddenly it slipped off and I don't know how but I manage to roll/jump out in time. And for sure I would have been toast because so close to the floor. Don't say this is why you shouldn't let kids on their own cuz my cousin is 23 lol.

This is probably not the place to ask but this is just another one of the "bored" questions lol. Has anyone else had something similar happen? Lol and no this doesn't really have a purpose XD


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  • No but on Friday I almost crash 8 cars.

    • How did you get your license? XD

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    • If I can, you can lol... and you're an apple XD

    • But I'll roll around in a car lol!

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