If you had bad marks does that mean you won't get into law school?

This sucks.


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  • Well if you're an American the majority of the criteria they judge will be the LSAT mostly because a lot of law schools don't even talk about average gpa to get in they only talk about LSAT scores and uni's above all care about their stats so it's LSAT that matters way more. How bad are your marks; what's your gpa?

    • it's a B (mid-70s)

    • Just take some quick half semester easy courses to boost your average a bit. A lot of people do that.

    • I don't think it will go up to B+ even if I do that, because there are too many credits already.

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  • unfortunately yes. it's a course which requires its pupils to have not only a sound but sufficient knowledge across the areas they are tested on.

    u could always do a bridging course or an alternative pathway that will help u get ur grades up. it will take longer but if u improve, u can make it eventually. it's like a second chance.


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  • Bad marks in what? What's the context here? Frankly, from the way you ask questions, I don't think you'll make a very good lawyer because lawyers need to anticipate the questions that will be asked by those reading their briefs or during court sessions. You need a lot of discipline and preparedness to be a lawyer.

    • You don't know me.

      Or my mental state of mind.

      Context here is I experienced severe harassment off-campus in University. No proof. No one besides my parents even know.

      Affected by GPA which was fairly good. Couldn't study. Couldn't focus.

      I am finally back to normal getting some A/A- but I don't know what to do about my GPA

    • You work at. That's what I had to do.
      These were my semester GPAs

      Why was I a fuckup? A lot of bad personal shit plus being far from home with no support. I learned how to learn, grew up, and kicked ass. That's what the adult world is all about.

      Now, you may become a decent lawyer, but what is critical is the ability to think and write clearly, logically, coherently, and cogently. You will need to anticipate questions and have the answers even before the queztions are asked. A good brief will ask and answer the questions thus circumventing them.

  • Just study your a** off for the LSAT. 70%+ of the admissions is based on that and they do that for a reason. There is a much higher correlation between LSAT scores and law school success than anything else. Also, it doesn't hurt to round out your application with some strong extracurriculars and a well developed idea on what you plan to do with your law degree. Good luck!

    • Is this for American Universities?

      In Canada it's mainly based on GPA and LSAT combination and the cutoff is anything below a B+ its pretty hard to get in

    • Yep American. If Canadian, I have no idea, sorry.

  • yep, u screwed urself, go apply at jack in the box.

  • I had the worst marks in the world, an i went to law school

    • Really? Were your LSAT scores really good?

    • They were bad :(, i am not American, but i studied Law :D

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