How do you feel now, everything ok?


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  • Anxious cause I keep wondering if I should text the guy I like or not
    If you're in the mood to give me some advice is would type more details but if not the that's cool too

    • Of course I can what do you want to know from me?

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    • I have a lot of guy friends but none of them are ever interested in being more than friends with me which I'm cool with cause I don't like most of them that way anyway. But the few guys that I am interested in being more than just friends with will show interest but eventually the find someone better I guess. I really liked this one too and he showed so much interest in the beginning. Ultimately I'm just afraid of putting all my feelings out there like last time and getting hurt so that's why I'm holding back with this one. Thanks for reading! Have a great day c:

    • Thanks for the MHO
      I wasn't expecting that

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